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How Do Astrology Cards Help Understand The Present And Navigate The Future?

Astrology Cards can be your personal guidance from the stars. These cards will let you have a better understanding of the present & help navigate through the future.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Evelyn Adams
Jan 12, 2024
Astrology Cards- Astrology Cards can be your personal guidance from the stars.
These cards will let you have a better understanding of the present & help navigate through the future.
With the Astrology Reading Cards, you’ll be able to give readingsto others and yourself to unlock such questions as; How will I find my partner? Will I receive money in the future? What sort of career would suit me?
Read through this article as we provide a more in-depth discussion about everything you need to know about astrologycardsand how can it help you.

Understanding Astrology Cards

Astrology Reading Cards-Oracle Cards-Close Up Review & All The Ways I Use Them!

The deck contains 36 cards, which are divided into three sets of 12 cards each. The sets are known as Planet cards, Zodiac Signcards, and House cards.
It makes the principles and revelations of astrology accessible to all by providing a divinatory meaning, keywords, and astrological correspondence for each card. It may assist people in exploring the intricate connections between their lives and the stars in order to illuminate their path and work fate in their favor.
People don't have much personal freedom in their decision-making because there is an inevitable "master plan." However, as long as we use Astrology, we may be able to make some decisions for ourselves, and if we keep making the right ones, we will be rewarded with easier choices and less pain in the future.
Astrology cards are designed in such a way that they make available all of the universal energies or possibilities, allowing our unconscious to choose the most appropriate for the reading.
Furthermore, these cards assist us in anticipating what life has in store for us so that we can be prepared to assist the process. This is where the cards come in handy because by asking the cards, we can get a better understanding of what is going on and the deeper meaning of things that are affecting us.

Guide In Reading Astrology Cards

Different decks of Astrology Cards inside a blue box
Different decks of Astrology Cards inside a blue box
Now that you have understood the meaning of Astrology cards, it's about time for you to know how to use them. You may follow the below steps on how to read astrology cards.
  • Place the three sets face down in three separate fans in front of you. Consider a question you'd like the astrology cards to answer for you. Draw one card from each of the fans while thinking about your question.
  • This means you'll get a Planet card from one fan, a Zodiac Sign card from another, and a House card from the third. It makes no difference which order you choose the cards in, as long as you choose one card from each of the three fans.
  • By replacing the cards in their respective fans, shuffling them, and repeating the procedure, you can ask another question.
  • Alternatively, you could simply shuffle all of the cards and then draw only one card to inspire you at that time.
To better understand the meaning of the cards you have chosen, here is the explanation of the different sets of astrology cards.
  • Planet Cards: They represent the aspect of your personality that is involved in the question or issue, the aspect of your personality that is activated or affected.
  • Zodiac Cards: represent the universal energy that colors the question or issue, the influence around you, or the feeling surrounding the matter.
  • House Cards: These cards represent the sphere of your life in which the question or issue is playing out.

Tips For Accurate Astrology Cards Reading

Different cards surrounding a guide book about astrology reading cards
Different cards surrounding a guide book about astrology reading cards
When it comes to working with these divinationtools, there are very few hard and fast rules, but here are a few more things to keep in mind as you go:

Treat Your Astrology Cards Like A Sacred Object

Astrology cards can be worn and loved, but they must always be respected.
When performing a reading for someone else, you should be the one shuffling and picking the cards so that no one else comes into contact with your deck.
When you're finished pulling cards, store your deck in a closed drawer to avoid picking up on stray vibes in your home. The more you take care of your deck's energy, the more accurate your readings will be.

Don't Rely On Guide Book

People who design astrology cards put a lot of time and love into these guidebooks, and reading the entries when you get a new deck can be fun and informative.
However, just as when learning to drive a car, there comes a point when the driver's manual is no longer useful.
When you read those words, pay less attention to the longer explanation of this card in the guidebook and more attention to what your intuition tells you this card means for your life.

Pay Attention With The Cards Image

Astrology card images are more than just pretty pictures. The words may not always ring true, but the image of a man on the card may remind you of your father, or an animal may remind you of one of your pets.
Cards depicting a specific season may indicate that a career change or marriage proposal will occur in the fall, for example.

Don't Overuse The Astrology Cards

If you constantly give yourself readings several times a day, your accuracy will suffer. Some people enjoy drawing one card for themselves each morning and evening.
Find a rhythm that works for you while leaving enough space between readings.

Astrology Cards FAQs

What Are Astrological Zodiac Reading Cards?

Astrological Zodiac Reading Cards is a powerful 36-card deck that includes sun, moon, and lunar eclipses. This unique deck will serve as an astrological guide to help you navigate your way through life.
Just as there are four suits in tarot, there are four elements in astrology, and they all correspond. In astrology, cups represent water energy, wands represent fire, swords represent air, and pentacles represent Earth.

How Do You Connect Astrology Cards To Tarot Cards?

The fact that each zodiac sign has its own quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) and element is a key concept in determining correspondences between tarot and astrology. The numbered cards are determined by the quality of the zodiac sign, while the tarot suit is determined by the element, as you may already know.


Now that you have understood what is astrology cards and how can it help people's lives, you can now buy a pack of cards and try to understand the symbolism and the meaning by referring to the information embedded in this article.
You will definitely find astrology reading interesting once you have mastered the art. However, I would like to suggest you take necessary advice from a professional astrology card reader before reading the cards for someone.
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