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Celebrities Ghost Stories - Even Famous People Can Encounter Ghosts

Even though not everyone believes in ghosts, these famous people are certain they experienced a paranormal experience. Read these celebrities ghost stories to keep you up at night.

Author:Evelyn Adams
Reviewer:Calvin Penwell
May 27, 2023
Even though not everyone believes in ghosts, these famous people are certain they experienced a paranormal experience. Read these celebrities ghost storiesto keep you up at night.

Celebrities Ghost Stories

Even well-known actors and musicians have reported having spooky experiences with ghosts. We will discuss some of the most intriguing celebrity ghost sightings here, in addition to reading the most recent Hollywood news on Kickerdaily to keep up with the careers of these great megastars.


In 2022, the singer embarked on her own journey into the paranormal with the Discovery+ series Conjuring Kesha.
The supernatural"comes naturally to me," Keshasaid in a news release announcing the show. "My voracious curiosity and never-ending yearning for something greater than myself were the beginnings of it."
This has inspired my writing, influenced my music, and given my entire existence meaning. It's an ongoing quest to find evidence of God. "But these pilgrimages become more than just dreamsbecause of the adventures I share with my pals."
Kesha promotional image
Kesha promotional image

Megan Fox

Megan Foxsaid to MTV News in 2014, "I believe in everything," as she recalled an incident that occurred in her hotel room in Mexico. I had already placed my breakfast order for 7:30 a.m. Thirty minutes later, at 7:30, I went in. I heard them bring the tablecloth in and pour the coffee.
There was nothing there, including a table, coffee, food, or anyone, she claimed. When I open the door after the doorbell rings, room service is there with my food. Brandy the nanny comes out later and asks, "Why did room service come at 7 when we instructed them to come at 7:30?" Fox said. "Her nanny heard it too. After all, two people heard it, so you can't accuse me of being insane.

Lisa Rinna

In an interview with "Celebrity Ghost Stories," the reality TV actress claimed that she used to "feel this air go behind me" in the opulent home she shared with her husband Harry Hamlin.
Rinna remembered that after the birth of their first child, she thought the 6-week-old baby was talking "coherently" to someone outside of the family.
The same event, according to Rinna, occurred with her second daughter, and one night around three in the morning, she heard a "blissful laugh." As her child giggled and conversed with the ghost, the actress claimed to have seen "a woman standing beside her crib."

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner claims to have had paranormal experiences despite never having seen a ghost. In 2018, she claimed that Kris Jenner's house appeared to be haunted by Vogue. "Kylie and I would always hear footsteps on the roof at my mom's house when no one was there," she recalled. There was activity in Kylie Jenner's room as well. "Kylie's shower used to switch on constantly, and we never knew why." The model continued, "So yeah, I'm positive it was a ghost."

Miley Cyrus

During her 2009 European tour, Miley Cyrustold Elle UK that she was sleeping in a haunted London apartment. The experience was quite horrifying. "I was having pretty bizarre dreams and really terrifying things because of the old bakery that had been converted to apartments," said Cyrus.
The singer recalled hearing her little sister, Noah Cyrus, scream one night while she was in the bathtub. She replied, "I rushed in there, and the water had somehow turned hot." Because no one had turned it, it was burning her.
She had a lot of red. Miley claimed that just prior to that, she thought she saw a young boy sitting on the sink and watching her take a shower. "As a result, I became very alarmed." The following night, while I sat there, I swear I saw a young boy sitting on the sink and kicking his feet.
"Perhaps I'm hallucinating," she said. Cyrus claimed that they started researching it and learned about the residents of the bakery. "I suppose the wife passed away or something; she had become ill." Thus, just the father and son resided in the bakery; after the father passed away, the son took over, and I believed I saw the son at the time.

Keanu Reeves

The "Matrix" star estimated his age at the time to be between six and seven.
During a 2014 appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," he claimed, "There's a doorway, and all of a sudden we're gazing over there, and this jacket comes waving through the doorway, just an empty jacket." "There is nothing there; there is no head, no body, and no legs." After then, it vanishes."
Reeves went on to say, "When I was a young child, I remember thinking, "OK, that's intriguing," and then I noticed the nanny's expression: "Oh yeah, so that was real!" I exclaim.
Keanu reeves in John Wick
Keanu reeves in John Wick

People Also Ask

What Is The Nature Of Ghost?

While ghosts are typically thought of as lone, human-like essences, there have also been tales of ghostly armies and the ghosts of animals instead of people. They are thought to haunt specific places, things, or people with that they had a close relationship within their previous existence.

What Are Ghosts Symbolic Of?

The lies about the past that are told to the present and will haunt the future are likewise considered to be ghosts. Last but not least, "ghosts" are physical and figurative hereditary ailments that rob younger, more liberated generations of their joy in life.

What Is Definition Of A Ghost?

A soul without a body it's also a deceased person's spirit that is thought to reside in the unseen world or manifest itself to the living.


These were our celebrity ghost stories. Do you believe in ghosts? Did you ever suppose a famous person would experience one? We truly hope you enjoyed our assortment. Please keep an eye out for any shadows in your home.
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