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How Do Different Methods Of Clearing Crystals Work?

Crystals were utilized by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, and Indians to facilitate healing and spiritual enlightenment. This is something that we learn through opening up the history books. Even in this day and age, many proponents of alternative medicine, clearing crystals for Health, Wealth, Love, and Luck, assert that crystals include metaphysical capabilities that, when utilized consistently, have the potential to improve one's physical well-being.

Author:Evelyn Adams
Reviewer:Mia Thompson
Jan 04, 2024
Have you ever been curious about the best way to clean your gemstones or crystals? In this essay, we will discuss the many different ways that crystals can be cleansed, including the approach that involves using a singing bowl.
In addition, we provide a step-by-step method for cleansing crystals and explain how some alternative health practitioners believe that cleansing and programming your crystals may have the ability to help your general wellness.
Since ancient times, people have had a fascination with various crystals and stones. Crystals were utilized by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, and Indians to facilitate healing and spiritual enlightenment.
This is something that we learn through opening up the history books. Even in this day and age, many proponents of alternative medicine, clearing crystalsfor Health, Wealth, Love, and Luck, assert that crystals include metaphysical capabilities that, when utilized consistently, have the potential to improve one's physical well-being.

Why Is Cleansing Crystals Important?

Crystals are used by a lot of people to help calm their minds, bodies, and souls. Crystals, according to the beliefs of certain people, can act on an energetic level and send natural vibrations out into the world.
Before being sold, crystals frequently travel extensive distances to get from their source to their seller. The stone is subjected to energies that may not be in harmony with yours at each stage of the shift.
It is stated that when these stones are utilized for healing, they can either absorb the negativity that you are striving to shed or divert it in a different direction. To return a crystal to its original form, the only method that will work is to cleanse and recharge it regularly.
This gesture of kindness has the potential to revive your feeling of purpose as well. Continue reading to get knowledge on a variety of topics, including how to properly cleanse a crystal, how to properly align a crystal with your intention, and more.
Broken Clear Crystal
Broken Clear Crystal

Methods Of Clearing Crystals

Crystals can be cleansed using several distinct approaches, each of which draws on a unique combination of cultural norms and individual beliefs. The following are some of the most common methods.

Running Water

It is believed that any bad energy that may have been contained within the stone will be neutralized by water and then returned to the soil. Even though running water from a natural source, such as a stream, is ideal for cleaning stones, you may also use the water from a faucet. Make sure that your stone is thoroughly submerged in the water, regardless of the source you use. When finished, pat the area dry.


Throughout history, salt has been employed as a means of eradicating negative emotions and soaking up excess negative energy. Consider bringing back some fresh saltwater from the ocean if you happen to be in that area.
In any other case, dissolve one tablespoon of sea salt, one tablespoon of rock salt, or one tablespoon of table salt in a bowl of water. Make sure that your stone is completely submerged, and then soak it for a period ranging from a few hours to a few days. After finishing, it is necessary to rinse and pat dry.

Brown Rice

This strategy can also be used to draw out negative emotions in an environment that is secure and controlled. It is particularly helpful for protecting stones like black tourmaline. To do this, a bowl should be loaded with dry brown rice, and the stone should be buried somewhere within the grains. Because it is believed that the rice will have absorbed the energy that you are attempting to get rid of, it should be thrown away as soon as the cleansing is complete.

Natural Light

You can cleanse and recharge your stone at any time of the day or night, even though ceremonial purification is frequently concentrated around particular moments in the solar or lunar cycle.
You should plan to bring in your stone before eleven in the morning if you set it out before evening. This will make it possible for your stone to be illuminated by the light of the sun as well as the moon. To prevent the surface of the stone from becoming weathered as a result of prolonged exposure to direct sunshine, you should retrieve it first thing in the morning.
Person's Hand Holding Purple Crystal over Running Water in the Sink
Person's Hand Holding Purple Crystal over Running Water in the Sink

Cleansing In Sunlight And Moonlight

Utilizing the energy of the sun and the moon to clean crystals is one of the oldest methods of crystal cleaning.
  • Put any kind of crystal that you have outside so that it can be illuminated by the sun or the moon.
  • Moonlight cleansing works best when performed during a night with a full moon or on a clear day.
  • Moonlight can stimulate the growth of some crystals more effectively than sunlight. If you are unsure which of the two energy sources is better for your crystals, put them outside for a full 24-hour cycle so that they are exposed to both moonlight and sunshine. This will help you determine which energy source is preferable.
  • If you are washing crystals that disintegrate or crumble when they come into touch with water, you should leave the crystals outside for up to three days; however, you should make sure that the weather is dry.

When To Cleanse Your Crystals

The timing of crystal cleansing is an important topic to discuss because the effectiveness of the stones in helping to support your intentions is directly impacted by this timing. The following are some of the most important events and signals that suggest when you should think about cleansing your crystals.

Initial Acquiring

It is vital to purify a new crystal as soon as you get your hands on it after purchasing it. It's possible that the crystal was handled by several different persons before it made its way to you, and as a result, it may have taken on energies that aren't congruent with your goals. It is important to cleanse it as soon as you obtain it so that you can start with a clean slate energetically.

Regular Maintenance

Regular cleansing of your crystals can be beneficial in the same way that it is beneficial to clean your living spaces regularly. Your crystals should be cleansed anywhere from once every two weeks to once every month, depending on how frequently you utilize them and the energies to which they are exposed. This inhibits the accumulation of undesirable energy, which may reduce their efficacy if they were allowed to build up.

After Intense Use

After doing significant energy work, meditation, or healing with a crystal, it is in your best interest to cleanse the crystal. This can be done in a variety of ways. The crystal may have taken in the energies that were released during these procedures, and it might be in its best interest to return to its native state.

How to Cleanse & Charge Crystals • Learn the Basics

Negative Vibes

Crystals can behave as energetic sponges, soaking up any negative energy that is present in their immediate environment. Your crystals may have taken on the energies of the environment you've been in recently, especially if it's been particularly stressful or negative, or if you've been feeling emotionally depleted. This is a blatant indication that it is now the appropriate time to engage in some form of purification.

Intuitive Prompting

Put your faith in your gut instinct. If you have the impression that the energy of a crystal is off or if you aren't receiving the results that you typically do, this could be a clue that the crystal needs to be cleansed. whether deciding whether to cleanse your crystals, it can be helpful to tune into your intuitive feelings about them so that you can get a sense of when they need it.

Can I Charge Crystals During The Full Moon?

To boost your crystal's energy, charge it during the full moon. During the waxing moon phase, ideally, in the evening, fill a dish with water.
Make careful not to expose your crystal too much to direct light while it is charging by taking it and running it through the water three times before lying it on its side close to where you will be sleeping or practicing meditation.
You may charge a stone by placing your index finger near the spot where two faces converge and visualizing projecting positive white light waves toward its surface.
Think of the waves emerging from both of your hands and seeing them crossing each other in front of you.

People Also Ask

What Are The Benefits Of Cleansing Crystals?

It is essential to clear crystals to restore their energy and get rid of any accumulated bad energies that could prevent them from serving their intended purpose.

What Exactly Is The Practice Of Smudging, And How Exactly Does It Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals can be purified by smudging with the smoke of certain plants, such as sage or palo santo, which carries away any negative energy that may be present.

How Can Natural Light From The Sun And The Moon Be Utilized To Clean Crystals?

Crystals benefit from the sun's revivifying and energizing rays, while the moon's purifying rays are more subtle.

What Part Does Water Play In The Process Of Cleaning Crystals?

Crystals can be purified with water by holding them under flowing water, as this is thought to remove any negative energy that may be present in the crystal. Several types of crystals cannot be cleaned with water.

What Role Do Sound Vibrations Have In The Process Of Cleaning Crystals?

Crystals can regain their vitality when subjected to sound vibrations from sources such as singing bowls or bells. These vibrations break up energy that has been stagnant within the crystal.


It is impossible to overstate the significance of clearing crystals in a world in which energies are continuously shifting and fluctuating. These stunning diamonds not only serve as ornamental items but also as functional tools that can help us in a variety of facets of our lives.
The process of clearing crystals enables us to access their untapped potential and ensures that the stones' energies continue to resonate in harmony with our goals. Whether you relate to the ancient techniques of smudging and sound clearing or prefer the simplicity of sunlight and moonlight cleansing, the important thing is to approach the process with attention and intention.
This is the key to unlocking the full potential of the practice. If you make cleansing your crystals a regular part of your crystal care regimen, you will not only be taking better care of your crystals, but you will also be cultivating a stronger connection with the metaphysical properties that they emanate.
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