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What Emotions Can A Dream About Ex Lover Stir?

Dream about ex lover might serve as a gentle reminder to prioritize your needs if you lost yourself in a relationship. You could have flashbacks when you're healing after a breakup with an abusive spouse, which serve as a reminder to avoid toxic interactions.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Evelyn Adams
Jan 03, 2024
You could be curious about the significance of your dream about ex lover. Numerous professionals advise that having dreamsabout your ex-partner might ease your sadness after the split.
Although no strong research supports this, many people feel that individuals who were previously in love may have a psychic connection with one another. A dream about ex lover, whether it was recently or not, might be more shocking, and perplexing, and produce a whirlwind of emotions (both positive and negative).
What a major hassle, yes? After crying over it, perhaps moving beyond the drunken messaging your ex phase and most certainly moving on with your life. Why, then does their silly face keep interrupting your peaceful sleep? That's nerve! But you can stop wondering now! We've made an effort to uncover every reason a former partner may be disturbing your dreams.
Dream about ex lover might serve as a gentle reminder to prioritize your needs if you lost yourself in a relationship. You could have flashbacks when you're healing after a breakup with an abusive spouse, which serve as a reminder to avoid toxic interactions.
Some dreams may allude to a psychological or spiritual link between you and your ex To deal with your emotions or uncertainty over your split, try journaling, getting in touch with your ex, seeing a psychic, or scheduling a therapy appointment.
Man and Woman Taking Photo in Front of Mirror
Man and Woman Taking Photo in Front of Mirror

10 Common Scenarios Of Ex Lover In Dreams

A broad number of bizarre dreams, ranging from terrifying to sweet to violent, have been inspired by these tumultuous moments.

Dreaming About Reconciliation

Dreaming about reconciliation with an ex-lover can be both exciting and confusing. This dreamoften reflects unresolved feelings and desires for a reunion. It might indicate that there are lingering emotions or unresolved issues from the past relationship that you haven't fully processed. It's important to explore these emotions and understand whether a reunion is truly what you want or if it is simply a reflection of nostalgia or a fear of being alone.

Dreaming About Conflict Or Arguments

Dreams of conflict or arguments with an ex-lover can be unsettling and emotionally charged. These dreams typically signify unresolved issues or emotions related to the breakup. It's possible that you are still carrying anger, hurt, or unexpressed feelings from the past relationship. This dream may serve as a reminder to address these emotions and find closure, whether through self-reflection, communication, or seeking professional help.

Dreaming About Happiness And Joy

Dreams of experiencing happiness and joy without your ex-lover can be a positive sign of emotional healing and closure. This dream suggests that you have moved on from the past and have found happiness in your life. It signifies personal growth, resilience, and the ability to find joy independently of a romantic relationship. Celebrate this dream as a confirmation that you are on the right path toward self-discovery and fulfillment.

Dreaming About Your Ex-Lover With Someone Else

Dreams of seeing your ex-lover with someone else can evoke feelings of jealousy, insecurity, or fear of being replaced. It's natural to have these emotions, especially if you are still healing from the breakup. This dream serves as a reminder that you need to focus on your own journey rather than comparing yourself to others. Use this dream as an opportunity to reflect on your own self-worth and to reaffirm that your happiness does not depend on the actions or choices of your ex-partner.

Dreaming About Your Ex-Lover Apologizing

Dreams of your ex-lover apologizing might reflect a need for closure or resolution. This dream could indicate that you are seeking forgiveness or longing for an apology from your ex-partner. It's important to recognize that forgiveness is a personal journey and does not always require an apology from the other person. This dream may be a signal for you to focus on self-forgiveness and letting go of any resentment or negative emotions that may be holding you back.

Dreaming About Your Ex-Lover Being Distant

Dreams of your ex-lover being distant can evoke feelings of rejection or a fear of emotional detachment. This dream might indicate that you are struggling to let go or move on from the past relationship. It's possible that you are still emotionally invested in your ex-lover and find it challenging to create healthy boundaries. Use this dream as a reminder to prioritize your own well-being and to redirect your energy towards personal growth and new connections.

Dreaming About Intimacy Or Romantic Interactions

Dreams of intimacy or romantic interactions with an ex-lover can be both nostalgic and confusing. These dreams often symbolize unresolved desires or unfulfilled emotional needs. They may reflect a longing for emotional connection or physical intimacy that you may be seeking in your waking life. It's important to explore these desires and evaluate whether they stem from a genuine longing for your ex-lover or if they represent a need for emotional fulfillment and connection in general.

Dreaming About Seeing Your Ex-Lover In A Positive Light

Dreams of seeing your ex-lover in a positive light might indicate that you have gained perspective and made peace with the past. This dream suggests that you have developed a positive outlook towards your ex-lover and have moved on from any resentment or negative emotions. It signifies personal growth and the ability to appreciate the positive aspects of the past relationship while acknowledging that it has served its purpose.

Dreaming About Your Ex-Lover Ignoring You

Dreams of your ex-lover ignoring you can trigger feelings of rejection, abandonment, or a fear of being forgotten. This dream may indicate that you still have unresolved emotions or a need for closure. It's important to recognize that closure and healing do not necessarily depend on external validation or acknowledgment. Use this dream as a reminder to focus on your own self-worth and to find closure within yourself rather than seeking it from your ex-lover.

Dreaming About Your Ex-Lover Passing Away

Dreams of your ex-lover passing away might seem distressing, but they often symbolize the end of a chapter in your life. This dream does not necessarily mean a literal death but represents the process of letting go, moving on, and transitioning to a new phase. It signifies that you are ready to release any attachments to the past and embrace new beginnings. Use this dream as an opportunity to reflect on your own personal growth and to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.
A woman crying on man's shoulders.
A woman crying on man's shoulders.

Ex-lover In Dreams Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about an ex-lover can vary depending on individual beliefs and practices. Here are some possible interpretations from a spiritual perspective:

Healing And Closure

Dreaming about an ex-lover from a spiritual standpoint can signify a need for emotional healing and closure. It may indicate that there are unresolved emotions or energetic attachments from the past relationship that need to be released and resolved in order to move forward on your spiritual journey.

Karmic Connections

Some spiritual traditions believe in the concept of karmic connections, where individuals have soul contracts and lessons to learn from each other. Dreaming about an ex-lover could suggest that there are still spiritual lessons or unresolved karmic ties that need to be addressed and understood.

Inner Reflection

Dreams about an ex-lover can be seen as an invitation for self-reflection and introspection. Spiritually, they may be a way for your higher self or spiritual guides to bring attention to certain aspects of yourself that need healing, growth, or transformation.

Releasing Attachments

Spiritually, dreaming about an ex-lover can symbolize the process of releasing attachments and letting go of what no longer serves your highest good. It may be a sign that you are being guided to release any lingering emotional or energetic attachments to the past relationship in order to create space for new spiritual growth and experiences.

Divine Guidance

Some spiritual beliefs suggest that dreams can be a means of receiving messages or guidance from the divine or higher realms. Dreaming about an ex-lover may indicate that there is guidance or wisdom being offered to you regarding your past relationship, helping you navigate your spiritual path with greater clarity and understanding.

Forgiveness And Compassion

Spiritually, dreaming about an ex-lover can also represent a call for forgiveness and compassion. It may be an opportunity for you to practice forgiveness, both towards yourself and your ex-lover, in order to release any negative energy and open your heart to greater spiritual growth and love.
It's important to remember that spiritual interpretations of dreams are highly personal and can vary depending on one's belief system. It's recommended to reflect on your own spiritual beliefs and intuition to find the interpretation that resonates most with you.

Reasons Why You Might Be Dream About Ex Lover

There are a few causes for having nightmares about an ex that are connected to them or that you still have emotions for.

You've Just Seen Your Ex-boyfriend Or Ex-girlfriend

For instance, you could have 'accidentally' seen their picture on social media, seen them from a distance in the grocery store parking lot, or actually bumped into them while out shopping. One thing is certain: seeing your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend might be a major trigger for their presence in your dreams. We can imagine a lot of various situations here.
Incidents from your waking hours often appear in your dreams. It can be a day-residue effect, where you dream about something that happened the day before, or a dream-lag effect, where you dream about something that happened seven days later.

Unresolved Feelings Or Issues With An Ex

One of the reasons you could be dreaming about an ex is that you don't feel emotionally healed or at peace with how your relationship ended. Remember that these "unresolved issues" or sentiments don't have to be romantic before you start acting defensively. It's not even a sign that you wish to reconnect with them.
Regardless of whether you desired the split as well, the reality is that the moment sometimes turns out differently than expected. Perhaps you uttered something that you afterward regretted. Maybe you wish you had acted differently. Perhaps they said something to you that really stung and has been with you to this day. These problems, together with strong emotions of grief, annoyance, rage, or envy, cause that former self to interrupt your dream.

Similar Concerns In Your Current Relationship

Moving beyond a previous relationship is challenging for many of us. But getting a second shot at love is much harder, particularly if your last relationship went poorly.
You may be worried that someone else, maybe your current relationship, would cheat on you or ghost you since your ex may have done so. Perhaps your former partner was a liar, and having dreams about them and old hurts is a reflection of your current worries in your current relationship. Your subconscious mind may be seeing that your present relationship is heading in the same direction and evoking the same emotions as your previous ones.

You Miss Your Life With Them.

Another reason you could dream about your ex-lover is that you miss something about yourself or your time spent with them.

Miss The Old Life Not The Old Ex

You two enjoyed doing it together, like weekly trips to the cinema or comedy shows. Alternately, you miss traveling to the areas you frequented while still dating, like when they persuaded you to try camping.
You can be pining for joy or other favorable feelings associated with that time. It's only sometimes the person you want back; it's the missing component. Additionally, if your relationship ended amicably (lucky you), there's a significant probability that the positive aspects of your union have persisted in your subconscious.

You Might Not Just Be Quite Over Them Yet

Experts have said that dream about ex lover doesn't automatically indicate that you desire to get back together. You may not yet be completely over them. This is different from one of them, however. You're not over them. They would occupy your thoughts and fantasies equally in your present life. Perhaps you still miss or continuously think about your ex and find it difficult to move on from the relationship as you had wanted.

Your Ex Symbolizes Something Else Significant

According to a literal interpretation of dreams, a certain dream's events will or may really occur in the real world. However, given that dreams are often symbolic, that is not the case.
It implies that dreams are influenced by the symbols that the characters, settings, and objects including your ex represent. According to Loewenberg, dreams are more about what they symbolize than the ex-lover themselves. And it may include a wide range of things.
In this scenario, asking oneself what memories or emotions this dream or the person invokes might be a helpful technique to analyze your dream. Responding to this question, you may get a road map of what your ex symbolizes.

You Might Be Anxious Or Lonely.

One of the reasons your ex keeps showing up in your dreams is that you're now experiencing loneliness or anxiety. Perhaps you've had a lot more free time than you'd want lately, which inevitably causes a lot of thought that you presumably value.

Dreams Fueled By Anxiety

Sometimes, all of these unfavorable emotions and ideas act as triggers, taking you back to an earlier period when you had similar emotions. Perhaps the current level of worry you're experiencing caused another anxiety-provoking occurrence to occur in your dreams. It can be the time you waited impatiently for your ex to show up after he promised but never did a terrible split, or any unpleasant incident that occurred throughout the relationship.

Desire For Intimacy

If you dream about an ex-partner, it may be a sign that you regret having missed the moment in your life when they were in your life. It's possible that your prolonged isolation spurred on a sensation of desire for love or intimacy with others. It doesn't always imply that you yearn for your ex, but rather for close relationships in general. It can be a desire for close emotional ties with your family or friends.

Dreaming About Your Ex (The meaning of dreams about ex boyfriend / girlfriend)

There's A Conflict In Your Life That You're Handling

A former lover in your dream might also be a sign that you're sad or dissatisfied in real life for reasons unconnected to them. Conflict like this might rekindle old unpleasant emotions or friction. Imagine if one of your pals revealed the most intimate information you ever shared with them in the course of a truth or dare game.
You may encounter dream about ex lover even if you dismissed it as a game because your subconscious mind utilized your "ex" as a symbol of the betrayal you experienced. Another possibility is that the ex in your dream simply represents something that's giving you so much stress and negativity in real life that you need to "break up with."

Crave Change In Your Life

It should be clear that your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in your dreams may represent a variety of different things. One reason for this is that an ex symbolizes a period of your actual life that is over and gone forever.
If just in your dreams, your ex returning might indicate that you're prepared for yet another major change in your life. This shift might take the form of starting a new career, getting a new home, relocating, or developing future connections that have nothing to do with the previous individual.

Your Current Relationship May Need Some Tender Loving Care.

It's natural to have certain things in your relationship that you wish could be different or run more smoothly, even if you're happy and comfortable with the person you're with. If you often dream about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, your current relationship may not be doing so well.
It can be unfulfilled emotional or other requirements, or it might be that your present spouse needs to provide something that your former provided. Or, your relationship may be strained because your current spouse is acting in a way that your ex used to. In this situation, having dreams about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend indicates an issue with your present relationship that must be resolved.

You’re Simply Working Through A Past Trauma

Another reason you may dream about a former partner is to remember or process certain prior traumas you've gone through. Trauma and other unpleasant feelings, when you are awake, may have a big influence on your dreams.
These problems may date back to your early years or a past relationship. These problems may follow you from one relationship to another if they are not handled. In other words, your fantasy ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend can just be a metaphor for a bigger obstacle you must overcome.

Finally, Moving On

If your ex appears in your nightmares, the business may have already come to an end. You've had enough. You've changed. You're prepared for greater opportunities. Finally!
While it could be uncomfortable, having a dream about a former partner might be a positive development, particularly if the breakup has left you shattered. It can indicate that you're finally moving beyond that time in your life or that the area of your body that was hurt is now beginning to recover.

People Also Ask

Why Do I See His Ex In My Dreams?

The person having the dream may be envious, insecure, or just fascinated with their partner's background.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex Even Though I'm Over Him?

You can be clinging to the past because of unresolved emotions.

How Do I Stop Dreaming About My Ex?

Consider them for a while.

Do Exes Come Back?

Exes sometimes do come back.


Having a frequent dream about ex lover is not always negative. They don't necessarily represent unrequited love, devotion, or bitterness for that ex. Refrain from interpreting these dreams as a scripted version of your present waking life since they often aren't. Consider recording everything in a dream notebook if you want to discover deeper significance in your dreams. It will assist you in recognizing trends, sentiments, and themes.
Make an appointment with a mental health expert if your quality of life has been seriously disrupted. Share your feelings with your therapist and hear their point of view. They'll be able to explain your dreams and provide coping mechanisms. You may rewire your brain to stop thinking and dream about ex lover with their help.
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