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What Does Dreaming Of Suicide Means?

The dreams of individuals contemplating suicide are compared to those of depressed individuals who are not suicidal. The dreaming of suicide frequently reflects desires for revenge, punishment, reunion, fusion, and rebirth. Some suicidal patients' dreams imply confusion between their bodies and the bodies of others.

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It's scary todreaming of suicide, but that doesn't always mean that someone is feeling depressed or that something more serious is wrong.
Suicide dreamsmight be caused by things like more stress, dealing with tough feelings or events, or mental illnesses like depression or nightmare disorder. Suicide dreams can be less scary if you get therapy, learn grounding techniques, and get assistance.
Woman crouching on a bay dock.
Woman crouching on a bay dock.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Suicide?

Dreams can happen for many reasons, and they can mean different things to different people. Suicide dreams can mean that a person wants to let go of a part of themselves or a bad situation that they would like to change.
Even though having suicidal thoughts in your dreams doesn't always mean something is wrong, they can be a signthat you might try to kill yourself, especially if you are depressed. Here are eight reasons why someone might think about committing suicide:

Emotional Distress

Dreams are sometimes a way for the subconscious mind to deal with mental pain or things that are causing stress in the present.
If someone dreams about committing suicide, it could mean that they are under a lot of stress or going through something mentally hard, and their subconscious mind is trying to make sense of everything.


Having more thoughts of death or suicide is a sign of sadness, and these thoughts may even show up in your dreams.
Dreams about committing suicide may also be a sign of the sadness and helplessness that come with depression. People who are depressed may also have trouble sleeping, which can make their dreams more real.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

People who have suicidal obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) may have suicidal thoughts and fears, as well as suicidal dreams. Thinking about suicide all the time can make it hard to sleep and have good dreams.
People with OCD may do routines over and over again to try to stop or avoid these dreams. Suicidal OCD is a type of OCD that focuses on having obsessive thoughts and behaviors that are connected to the fear of death.

Fear Of Loss

People's greatest fears and darkest thoughts can sometimes show up in their dreams. When someone is afraid of losing someone or something important to them, they may dream about death or suicide.
This is because their subconscious mind is trying to make sense of their fear of loss. Seeing someone commit suicide in these dreams could also be a sign of fear, loss, or change.

Past Experiences

One more way to look at dreams is as a way to deal with the things that happened in the past. People often think about things that have happened to them in real life.
One way to look at dreams is as a way to make sense of something that happened in the past. Having been affected by suicide, a tragic event, or the death of a loved one may affect your dreams.
Frustrated man holding his head tightly.
Frustrated man holding his head tightly.

The Meaning Of Different Scenarios Of Suicide Dreams

Dreams About Killing Yourself

After having a suicide dream, we know you can't help but feel upset. You may even believe that the dream is a sign of bad things to come. You will not be wrong if you think this way. Suicidal thoughts and feelings, like hating yourself, can sometimes show up in dreams.
You may have been ignoring some parts of yourself in the dream. This is something you know deep down, which is why these unresolved issues show up as dreams about killing yourself.

Dream Of A Family Member Committing Suicide

If you have this dream, it could mean that you are mad or upset at a family member. In real life, you might not agree with the family member. In other words, the dream shows the bad energy between the two of you.
This dream means you worry about the health and happiness of a family member. But that person may not be living a good life or making good choices, which is making you so stressed.

Dream Of A Spouse Committing Suicide

A partner, whether they are a husband or a wife, gives you more than just company. They help, understand, and make you feel better emotionally. Plus, you have someone to talk to about the good and bad things that happen in your life. Because of this, seeing your partner kill themselves in a dream can be very upsetting and emotional. can be very upsetting and emotional.

Dream Of Your Parent Committing Suicide

Sometimes, the things we see at night have a special way of showing us how we feel and what worries us through different themes. If the "suicide of your parent" is a big part of your dreams, it could mean that you are having major mental problems or changes in your life.
We often feel very close to our parents. Sometimes, though, this mental connection can cause trouble. Take the case of moving out from under your parents' roof, perhaps for work or to start a family.

Dream Of A Mass Suicide

If you dream of mass suicide, it means that your objective mind is working and trying to teach you about the tragedies and problems that other people go through.

Dream Of Jumping Down A Cliff

Having a dream about jumping off a cliff means you are worried or unsure about making a difficult choice. You are scared and unsure about how your choices will turn out. To get away from them, you decide to jump off a cliff. This dream is telling you to get ready for the risky choice or chance that's coming up.

Dream Of Hanging Yourself

Many sources say that having dreams about hanging yourself is strongly connected to sadness. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are depressed.
If you think that you are hanging yourself, it could mean that someone or something is making you feel suffocated. Your subconscious is making you think about hanging yourself because it doesn't want to stay in this situation any longer. After all, you don't have enough freedom and independence in real life.

Dream Of Shooting Yourself In The Head

Have you been having trouble deciding what to do lately? If you have, having a dream about shooting yourself in the head is a sign that you are confused and can't make up your mind. This means that your system needs clear thinking to keep working.

Dream Of Seeing Your Child Commit Suicide

There's nothing more upsetting and horrible than seeing your child killed, even if it's only in your dreams. Surprisingly, though, this picture is just a reflection of the thoughts, feelings, and sometimes events that happen in your daily life.
The kid who kills themselves in your dream is a metaphor for your inner child. Most likely, you're letting it die because you don't want to remember the hard times you had as a child.

Dream Of Suicide By A Knife

If you think about killing yourself with a knife, it could mean that you are on the edge of a mental illness.
This disorder changes the way you act, feel, and interact with other people. Dreams about violence and self-harm are common for people with this disease. So, the dream is your mind's way of telling you how bad the mental problem is hurting you.

Dream Of Suicide By Drowning

If you dream that you are drowning in water and committing suicide, it means that your feelings are getting the best of you.
People see water in their dreams as a sign of their feelings. But since your dream seems to be about something bad, it means you're probably having a hard time handling strong feelings like sadness and anxiety.

Dream Of Suicide By Taking Tablets Of Pills

Like the other dream we talked about, the dream of suicide by pills shows that you want to run away from emotional pain, bad events, or upsetting thoughts.
You want to forget about or push away your feelings until you are ready to deal with them. Sadly, this doesn't work very often, so it's better to deal with your problems straight on.
Woman Looking at Sunset
Woman Looking at Sunset

Dream About Suicide In Islam

Suicide is a very bad thing to do in Islam, and protecting your life is the most important thing. So, having a dream about committing suicide can be very upsetting for the dreamer. In Islam, a dream about suicide can mean different things, depending on the details and conditions of the dream.
Dreaming about committing suicide is often a sign that something bad is about to happen. This could also mean that the dreamer is having a fight or struggle within themselves or with someone else.
If someone dreams that they will kill themselves, it could mean that they are feeling helpless, depressed, or hopeless. It could also mean that the thinker feels like they have failed or are not good enough in real life.

Biblical Meaning Of The Dream About Suicide

In the Bible, having a dream about committing suicide means that God doesn't like what you're doing. Your sins and disobedience are leading His people astray, and He wants to show you what happens when you do what you say you will do. So, you need to admit your mistake and say sorry if you want to avoid what might happen.
If you think about committing suicide, it could be another way that God is testing your faith and obedience. God is using the offering of Isaac to test your patience and endurance, just like He did with Abraham.
A suicide dream can also be God's way of showing you the beginning of a new life full of plenty. What if God is trying to get in touch with you because you are having a hard time? He wants to show you the way.

Spiritual Meaning Of Suicide Dreams

Dreams about death can mean spiritual things as well as biblical things. This dream could mean that you are spiritually awake. If you dream that you are resurrecting after killing yourself, it means that you have been reborn into a higher spiritual state or energy.
If you dream about committing suicide, it could also mean that you are getting spiritual help and direction. This is true if you hear a voice telling you to kill yourself. This voice lets you know that you have psychic guardians with you at all times to help you and watch over you.
Grayscale Portrait of Woman
Grayscale Portrait of Woman

What Does Suicide In A Dream Mean Psychologically?

If you think about committing suicide, it means that you are trying to avoid or get away from your fears and insecurities in real life. Something or those problems that are making you feel trapped are making you want to send them right away.
This dream also shows that you don't like yourself and have low self-confidence. Maybe you feel like you're not good enough or guilty, and you have no hope for anything in life.

FAQs About Dreaming Of Suicide

What Does Dreaming About Death Mean?

Dreaming about death can symbolize the end of something in your life or a fear of change.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Death Of A Family Member?

Dreaming about the death of a family member can represent unresolved emotions or anxieties about their well-being.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Dreaming about someone can indicate thoughts or feelings related to that person in your waking life.

What Do Dreams Mean?

Dreams can reflect subconscious thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, or experiences.


The dream allows you to assimilate the various experiences that you have gathered in a day. You will have to remember that dreams are symbolic. Dreaming of suicide does not indicate real death. So, there is nothing to be scared about. The dream message is a sign of caution for you to develop insight and awareness about your waking life.
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