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Is Esmeralda Psychic Legit Or A Fraud?

If you are seeking a genuine reading from a psychic, you certainly want to know, which one you can trust. If you have ever browsed online psychics, you may have come across Medium Esmeralda psychic. But, is Esmeralda Psychic legit or a fraud?

Author:Matteo Caraveta
Reviewer:Mia Thompson
Jan 12, 2024
Esmeralda Psychic- If you are seeking a genuine reading from a psychic, you certainly want to know, which one you can trust.
Chances are, if you have ever browsed online psychics, you may have come across Medium Esmeralda psychic.
Esmeralda promotes herself as a genuine clairvoyant, tarotreader, and certified medium. She also claims to have been born into a Gypsy family known for their accurate predictions and to have grown up in the world of "Sacred Magic."
The real question is "Is she really trustworthy"? Let's find out the answer in this article.

The Life Of Esmeralda Psychic


The life of Psychic Esmeralda is a mystery; at least she is when you first access her site. On her website, you are asked to enter your astrological information into a series of questions in order to 'discover your true sign' and 'find out who you really are.'
Esmeralda discloses no information about herself on this website other than the fact that she is a 'authentic clairvoyant and medium.' She only claims to be of gypsy descent and that her family was known for their accurate psychic predictions. She learned her talent from her grandmother and is known around the world as "one of the most amazing psychics."
Furthermore, she claims to devote her life to assisting those in need and dealing with issues such as relationship problems, work problems, professional or educational positions, redirection, projects, and emotional encounters.

Esmeralda Psychic Website

According to the website's privacy policy, Esmeralda Psychic is owned by New Lotus Web Limited, which is based in Gibraltar.
A quick internet search for New Lotus Web Limited reveals that it is an internet marketing and advertising firm. This is the same company that poses as Chris the Extraordinary Psychic, Maria the Medium, and William the Guardian Angel.
To use the Esmeralda psychic website, you must provide a lot of personal information about yourself, including your address and phone number.
Aside from her Gypsy family story, the website requests a lot of personal information from the customer but doesn't share any information or history about herself.
Esmeralda will never be reached by phone or video chat. Email is the only option to communicate with her since chat, call and personal readingsare not available.
Her emails are all very generic, but they can be quite attention-grabbing. They may appear to be tailored to the recipient, but a web search reveals that she sent the same exact email to others, only changing the recipient's name.
Furthermore, Esmeralda Psychic's emails are written with a sense of urgency, wherein many of them are telling the clients that they have been cursed since birth and that she can break the curse for them.
She emphasizes that the curse is the cause of their misfortunes and that someone who was jealous of or disliked their family was the source of all evil. That is, indeed, a fear tactic used by a scam.

Esmeralda Psychic Legitimacy

A psychic holding tarot cards with words scam
A psychic holding tarot cards with words scam
Regarding the question, if Esmeralda Psychic is legit, the only answer is No.
She is an expert at generating interest in order to extract money from her clients' pockets and scare people with curses that may have been placed on them. Her constant emails use manipulative tactics to pressure people into purchasing her services to remove curses, which is a scam.
You may discover that her readingsbegin to instill fear, anxiety, or hope in you, leaving you hanging and forced to spend more money to get more answers.
Esmeralda Psychic also does not appear to be a real person. And Esmeralda's website is owned by New Lotus Web, a digital marketing company known for hosting several psychic scam sites.
One thing that is for sure though is that Esmeralda Psychic does not have your best interests at heart. So this means she’s not ethical and therefore not trustworthy. Don’t believe her readings; they will probably be fake.
Finally, Esmeralda psychic does not have real-time feedback. Instead, she has a collection of curated and positive testimonials on her website. What's more doubtful is, that all of the images of each customer are blurred.

Alternative Sites For Esmeralda Psychic

A psychic with her hands near the crystal ball having online psychic reading site logos
A psychic with her hands near the crystal ball having online psychic reading site logos
We recommend using one of the sites below instead of Psychic Esmeralda if you have a serious problem in your life and want a focused and intricate psychic reading.
These websites can provide you with genuine psychics and real-time answers.


Kasamba has been in business since 1999 and has assisted over three million customers. You can book an online chat reading or an email reading with one of the site's trustworthy psychic readers.
Kasamba works with hundreds of online psychicreaders, and there are always at least fifty available. To begin a chat or email reading, simply scroll through the website's list of advisors and select one who specializes in your desired field.
Overall, Kasamba is a great option for customers looking for dependable, low-cost tarot card readings.

Psychic Source

Psychic Sourceis an online psychic reading platform that works with advisors who have decades of industry experience. This company has been in business since 1989 and serves hundreds of clients each day through phone readings, chat sessions, and video readings.
Psychic Source also guarantees complete satisfaction with all of its readings, which we appreciate. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your session, you can contact the company and receive a free psychic readingfrom another advisor.
This online psychic reading site is recommended for anyone looking for a high-quality love reading. In contrast, Psychic Source is an excellent choice for other types of readings. Booking a psychic medium session through this reputable, well-known psychic reading platform cannot go wrong.

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is a psychic reading website that offers a variety of reading options to its customers. Psychic readingscan be obtained by phone, online chat, or video, giving the company more flexibility than other psychic websites.
If you're looking for affordable, authentic psychic reading services to provide insight into life's biggest questions, Purple Garden may have the perfect psychic reader for you.

Esmeralda Psychic FAQs

Do We Recommend Medium Esmeralda?

No. If you want a psychic reading, you should look for a genuine and compassionate psychic. Psychic Source is the best place to look for one of these. You will not be let down.

What Problems Are Found With Medium Esmeralda?

We don't like how Esmeralda bombards her victims with emails and employs deceptive sales tactics. Esmeralda also requests a lot of information prior to giving a reading, which is unprofessional for a psychic.

How To Choose A Legit Psychic Reader?

Previous client reviews can help you get a better sense of how a psychic's sessions go for real people. We recommend reading the reviews for the psychics on your shortlist and then selecting the psychic with the most positive overall reviews.


As a result of Esmeralda Psychic review in this article, it is found that this psychic reading platform is indeed a fraud.
Regardless of how much Esmeralda has managed to build herself up and generate interest in herself, she is still regarded as a con artist.
She infiltrates people's inboxes by using scare tactics such as curses and promises of a better future. She alternates between referring to herself as a "certified medium" and a "authentic clairvoyant," but neither is true.
Thus, if you happen to stumble upon her website, please disregard and avoid it at all costs.
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