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What Are The Gemstones Associated With The Moon?

Working with a stone associated with lunar energy might be a straightforward approach to tap into the moon's mystical power. The moon's energy can be accessed in a straightforward manner by working with gemstones associated with the moon.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Calvin Penwell
Dec 20, 2023
The moon's energy can be accessed in a straightforward manner by working with gemstones associated with the moon.
Working with a stone associated with lunar energy might be a straightforward approach to tapping into the moon's mystical power. Being the closest major celestial body to Earth, the moon has profound effects on human beings.
By tuning into its energy, you can more easily find harmony and flow with the natural world. Here are some crystals for using magic on the moon.

Gemstones Associated With The Moon - Selenite Crystal

This stone has long been associated with moon energy and was named after the ancient Greek Moon Goddess Selene (also known as Luna in ancient Rome).

Moonstone Gemstone

In the past, moonstone was supposedly inserted into the forehead of the god Ganesh, who is associated with the Moon, and was thought to be "composed of solidified moonbeams." Both the ancient Greeks and Romans thought that the moonlight created this stone.

Clear Quartz Crystal

A superb crystal companion for any magical moon-workings, the dazzling light that shines through this stone is reminiscent of the sun's rays reflecting off the moon's surface in the night sky.

Pearl Gemstone

Pearls have always been associated with the moon, even though they are made by sea creatures and not by geologic processes. Monday, or "Moon's Day," is their special day of the week. If you don't have a pearl, mother of pearl is a great substitute. Luna, the Roman goddess of the moon, is also linked to pearl.
A white transparent crystal surrounded by eight red and purple gemstones
A white transparent crystal surrounded by eight red and purple gemstones

Aquamarine Gemstone

According to Agrippa, aquamarine has a moon association because of its affinity for water. Water, emotions, and intuition are all linked to the moon, therefore the two of them create a wonderful energetic match.

Amethyst Gemstone

The ancient Romans were not the first people to use amethyst to enhance their telepathic and intuitive abilities. Amethyst stones are often used in conjunction with the moon for psychic activity because both are related to intuition.

Labradorite Gemstone

Similar to how the moon is lit by the sun's reflected light, a labradorite is a mystic stone that receives its brilliant flash from reflection. The energies of the moon and labradorite are similar to two kindred souls. To improve any moon ceremonies or lunar activities, use them together.

Gemstones Associated With The Moon FAQs

What Stone Is Associated With The Moon?

Moonstone has many connections to the moon and has a silvery light that appears to come from within. That association is hardly a surprise. The use of this lovely stone as a talisman for sleep, protection, love, and fertility dates back a long time.

What Crystal Is A Moon Crystal?

The phosphate mineral Changesite-(Y) was given this name by the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology in honor of Chang'e, the lunar goddess in Chinese mythology. The translucent crystal is about the width of human hair.

What Stones Glow In Moonlight?

The moonlight glow that appears just below the surface of some specimens of moonstone when they are turned under incident light gives the stone its name. Adularescence, a floating glow, is created by parallel intergrowths within the stone reflecting diffused light.


That concludes our list of Gemstones associated with the moon. Try staring at the moon while holding your chosen moon crystal to help it work for you. Feel the energy of the moon interacting with you. Take note of its size, color, and phase.
Now, while holding your crystal and closing your eyes, take a few slow, deep breaths to connect with the energy of the moon. If you want to strengthen the connection and charge the stone with lunar energy, you can hold it up above your head toward the sky.
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