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What Defines True God Fearing Woman Quotes?

Explore inspiring God-fearing woman quotes. Find wisdom and strength in these empowering and faith-filled 'God Fearing Woman Quotes'.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Calvin Penwell
Jan 04, 2024
In a world that often celebrates materialism and superficial values, the concept of a God fearing woman stands as a testament to faith, virtue, and inner strength.
A God-fearing woman reveres a higher power, upholds moral values, and strives to lead a life filled with love, compassion, and purpose. Here is a collection of profound quotes that encapsulate the essence of a God fearing woman quotes, offering wisdom, inspiration, and a glimpse into the remarkable qualities that define her.
In the Bible Proverbs 31:30also mentions God fearing woman as "Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

Motivational God Fearing Woman Quotes

A Woman Standing While Praying on the Beach
A Woman Standing While Praying on the Beach
You must learn to fear God to serve him as a woman. A lady who fears God often lets the Bible guide her daily actions. She thus doesn't encounter problems that other people do. Do you aspire to have a fear of God? These comments from women who fear God will encourage women to have a greater fear of God and lead better lives.
  • I am a lady brimming with the finest strength and grace. As Deborah, Ruth, Mary, and many others did before me, I walk in authority and carry out God's calling.
  • I won't turn around; my hand is already in the dirt, and there is no turning back. I don't belong to those who turn back toward destruction; I hold on to grace and trust in it, drawing many others to God through my perseverance.
  • No wind, storm, or flood can drive me away because I am firmly rooted in Christ. I'll continue on this road I've discovered until I persuade many more to convert to the God I serve and follow me.
  • When there is no uncertainty, there is no wavering. I proclaim that the spirit of bravery in me overcomes the spirit of fear and uncertainty.
  • The person inside me is much superior to the person outside me. I behave admirably and triumphantly in line with the intentions of the One who summoned me from the shadows into His glorious Light.
  • A veil does not cover my face since I walk in Light. I know the periods and seasons in my life, so I know what to do at every stage. I am fortunate.
  • My generation refers to me as blessed because God has given me spiritual benefits beyond anything I could have imagined or even asked for. Amen.
  • My soul, spirit, and body have been prepared as a refuge for God. I walk with God. His wings protect me. I live in His hidden place.
  • I am a stunning lady who wears the crown of glory, gorgeous feet for soul-winning, and full-body armor made of His majesty. I'm protected.
  • I am not under any curse Because I am overflowing with God's blessings. I am immersed in every aspect of His compassion and grace while I sleep, wake up, and live.
  • I am positioned by the rivers of the water of life. Like a seed developing into a tree, I shall bloom into what He has planned for me, bringing out abundant fruit and being able to reproduce for many generations.
  • No one will look at me and fail to see God's glory. Because of the Light of the beautiful nature of the person of Christ, my light radiates everywhere I go.
  • Since I'll be around for everything, every season is for me. I need more information, depth, illumination, insight, or anything else to achieve my goals. I was created to be flawless.
  • I am more than what others see me to be. Beautiful on the inside and out, joyful on the exterior, and yet brimming with the joy of the Holy Ghost on the inside. Yahweh love this lady you see right here!
  • I am present everywhere you witness the oppressed being freed, the ill being cured, the unsaved being won to Christ, and tears being wiped away. Christ's actions and character traits are evident in me to the world.

Strong Woman Of God Quotes

In a world where the narrative of strength is often associated with physical might, you must recognize the incredible strength that emanates from the depth of one's spirituality.
  • A strong woman does not seek chances to rise above others. She invests in others so they are prepared to take advantage of opportunities.
  • A fearless woman of God will stand out for those whose voices are not heard.
  • A godly woman is aware of the restrictions imposed by social status. She has no problem interacting with both the powerful and the weak.
  • A godly woman can recognize God's voice even when He uses unexpected methods of communication.
  • Though society may be harsh on women, a godly woman understands that everyone is equal in God's sight.
  • A robust and godly woman is prepared to make the difficult choices that other people aren't ready to make to satisfy her heavenly Father.
  • You need to be self-assured to be a strong woman of God. She always lets God shape her into the person He wants her to be.
  • A lady of steadfast faith understands that all in life is in vain without God. God is the source and the goal of all she does.
  • A woman of God understands that storms, not their absence, make her strong.
  • A good lady will not be afraid of the dark, the night's terrors, or the sea's storms so long as God is with her.
  • A mighty woman of God never seeks validation from other people. She is aware that she is the pinnacle of God's creation.
  • A god-fearing lady never puts anybody down while she is strong. Instead, she invests time in strengthening others.
  • Famous godly women are known for their deeds for others rather than their benefit.

Beautiful Godly Women Quotes

A Red Dressed Woman Praying in Nature
A Red Dressed Woman Praying in Nature
Godly women use prayers, confessions, and declarations as quotations to encourage you to hold onto your convictions. These God bless the lady quotes can encourage you to cling to what God says about you and motivate you.
  • Never ask for assistance and then get lost. Help comes to me even before I ask for it; people seeking God experience it.
  • Because I serve the creator, God, I have access to all the nice things I want.
  • I am not jealous; I am happy with God, and contentment is my guiding principle.
  • I have benefited more than the world's riches. I am not trampled upon like a person of little value because I have gained the treasure of high places; instead, God is the source of my worth.
  • I have discovered my identity in God, and I will always be able to live up to what has been spoken about me.
  • Lives are waiting for a delivered and blessed person like me. This is my obligation to the Lord, and I don't do anything less.
  • I am lucky to be able to donate to people and countries. I am a source of prosperity, and my fruits will be spread far and wide to satisfy the hunger of many.
  • A woman who submits to God is always fortunate to be among the people God chooses to respond to the cries of many.
  • I provide flavor to the world, and I influence people everywhere I go. I provide the clarity needed to understand God's perspective.
  • Using the Bible as a watchword may be effective. You'll get the most out of life if you make knowing, believing, and using the Word a lifetime choice.
  • She uses the staff and rod like no one else can. She has mastered the noble method, and she lives by it. She is thus skilled at using love to correct people.
  • She values what she has received from God and understands its value. When a woman encounters God, she is never the same again; everything about her changes, from her emotions to how she treats tangible objects.
  • I was purchased for a sum that no one can comprehend. I am God's valuable diamond, worth more than anything anybody could ever pay. God has permanently won my heart.
  • His grace surrounds me like a decoration. I am made beautiful by knowledge, and I am a shining example of the people of God to the rest of the world.
  • My virtues are humility and honesty; my treasures are grace and knowledge; and my clothes are peace and love. I am completely covered with the divine personality.
  • As God's dwelling place, I exude a powerful aura of purity and righteousness. Being cleaned by God's fire, nothing impure remains within me.
  • No stranger goes through me since I am a daughter of Zion. I've been set free to provide many more as well. I am a solution for the world because deliverance is found on Mount Zion.
  • Because God is my strength against all challenges, I won't be afraid of Goliath. My triumph is guaranteed in Christ.
  • I know who I am since God created me to carry out his purposes for me from birth. I claim that nothing can stop me because I am powered by grace.
  • As I advance to claim the territories entrusted to me as an inheritance, my coast is expanding every day, and my unction is growing.

A Blessed Women Quotes

A woman who seeks God and His Word also aspires to live morally uprightly. She will behave morally, make moral judgments, and eventually experience the Lord's blessing. The quotations that follow are all about receiving the Lord's blessings. As you read them, may they enrich your life.
  • I still have faith that I shall witness the Lord's kindness in the land of the living. No good escapes me. As a moral lady, I have all I need.
  • But the one who has faith in the Lord and relies on him is blessed. Because I walk with the Lord, I accept God's Word as it is and am free to apply it to my life.
  • Submit to the Lord in all your ways; trust the Lord with all your heart; and do not depend on your understanding. He will make your paths straight.
  • Do not let anybody mock your youth; instead, provide an excellent example for the believers in speech, conversation, charity, spirit, faith, and purity. I'm a person of honor and honesty.
  • A guy must be deemed trustworthy to serve as a steward. I am devoted to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ's gospel.
  • God is a holy, just, and just God and anybody desiring to be in His presence must also uphold these qualities.
  • According to the Bible, no one can see the Lord without purity. Because Christ is holy, being in Him makes us holy.
  • Christlikeness is the result of holiness, not vice versa. I am aware of both this and tranquility.
  • Holiness is a way of life that involves abiding by God's word and letting the Holy Spirit lead us.
  • Living by God's unchanging Word is characterized by purity. God alone deserves praise for making life in the Spirit possible.
  • The foundations of true purity are the desire for a connection with Jesus Christ and subsequent adherence to his instructions.

True God Fearing Woman Quotes

A woman with her arms raised in the sky as she stands in the field.
A woman with her arms raised in the sky as she stands in the field.
A lady who loves God is referred to as being godly. She can love her spouse and everyone else when she does. See the Godly woman quotes that inspire women to rise beyond where they are and become what they should be.
  • You can tell when a lady of God lives in truth because she can live free from captivity and liberate many others with the truth.
  • When you see a lady who trusts God with everything, you can see God's hand in all she does.
  • A genuine lady of God is recognized by her persona everywhere she goes. She consistently accepts, believes, and exhibits the truth. She only loves God and the path of truth.
  • Loving the path of truth means loving life, which means loving the path leading to the father of all creation.
  • What other people say about usor what we tell ourselves about ourselves are considerably less important than who we are in Christ. We exhibit far more force and elegance than what is found in the world when we walk.
  • God has planned far beyond everything previously thought of or seen for His people. A woman of God trusts and clings to these promises as she maintains her stability in the faith. It is being revealed from this point on till eternity.
  • A woman who fears God understands the importance of the head above the body. The Holy Spirit, who serves as her mentor and directs her toward pleasing God, is what she submits to.
  • For a woman who sincerely loves God, there is never contentment. She never gets what she asks for, but she constantly wants more and more.
  • Have you ever met a lady who lives peacefully and wanders in love with every man? That person comprehends God's will and upholds His law.
  • She believed that the storms and difficulties were pulling her away from God, but little did she realize that they provided her a witness to tell later on and more encouragement to cling to God.
  • Patience is a virtue that is hard to find, but authentic and sincere when it is. You may find it if you look into the heart of a woman who loves God.
  • Keep an eye out for the soul that needs and loves only God, giving God all the honor at all times. You will see a friend of God there.
  • The inside change is more valuable than any money spent on maintaining the external attractiveness. For the inside operation, I'd want to remain motionless.
  • Words can no longer express the yearning of my soul at this point. I can't help but answer a divine call that is deep calling to deep.
  • I'm a lady, believe in God, and love people. All the stuff I could ever own in the world cannot compare to how gratifying this is.
  • She is unaffected by charms since she carries the most significant presence with her.
  • After talking to her for a while, you start curious about her God and want to learn more about it. She never conceals it since it has ingrained itself in her.
  • She never fails to apologize when she's wrong, asking for forgiveness immediately and aligning herself with God since it pains her heart to be caught with something God doesn't want her to have.
  • God has established her purpose. You must seek God to locate her. No one can free a woman of God from her desire, which is imprisoned inside her.


Who Are Some Famous Women Of Faith Known For Their Powerful Quotes?

Women like Mother Teresa, Corrie ten Boom, and Maya Angelou are renowned for their strong faith and have left behind a treasure trove of inspiring quotes about faith and spirituality.

Are There Any Quotes That Encourage Women To Overcome Challenges Through Faith?

Here's an encouraging quote: "In the storms of life, a God-fearing woman doesn't fear drowning, for she knows she's being guided by the hand that calmed the sea."

Are There Any Quotes That Address The Balance Between Strength And Humility In A God-Fearing Woman?

Indeed, here's one: "A powerful God-fearing woman knows that her strength is a gift from God, and her humility is a reflection of her deep gratitude."

Can You Provide A Quote That Speaks To The Role Of God-Fearing Women As Leaders And Role Models?

This quote highlights this role: "God-fearing women lead not with authority but with compassion, and they inspire others to walk in faith through their unwavering example."

Are There Quotes Reflecting God-Fearing Women's Diversity And Unique Experiences?

Absolutely. Here's one: "God-fearing women come from all walks of life, but their common thread is their unshakeable faith in God's love, which transcends all boundaries."


In a world where strength is often measured in physical might or material success, the god fearing woman quotes serve as a poignant reminder that true strength begins within the heart and soul.
Through unwavering faith, these women have embodied the qualities of resilience, grace, and unwavering determination, demonstrating that strength is not just about overcoming external obstacles but also about conquering the doubts and fears that may dwell within us.
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