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Best Movies About Dreams That You Should Watch

Every night before you go to sleep, you travel to the land of dreams, which is filled with fantastical settings, innovative plots, and many cognitive dissonances. They frequently don't make sense, and when you wake up, you feel empty. That universal element connect all the public with movies about dreams.

Author:Evelyn Adams
Reviewer:Mia Thompson
Dec 13, 2022
Every night before you go to sleep, you travel to the land of dreams, which is filled with fantastical settings, innovative plots, and many cognitive dissonances. They frequently don't make sense, and when you wake up, you feel empty. That universal element connect all the public with movies about dreams.

Movies About Dreams

Because of this, dreams and nightmares have frequently appeared in movies. Anything is possible in dreams; you can experience anything you can imagine. They serve as the foundation for numerous stories, with writers and directors even attributing their best concepts to their dreams.
The use of dreams in movies can take many different forms, from the cliché "It was all just a dream" to the idea of killing people through nightmares and instilling thoughts in them. Without them, the world of cinema would be a little adrift. We team up with Bingepost an important entertainment and moviesmedia to bring you the list with the best movies about dreams.

Source Code

A military operation that Colter (Jake Gyllenhaal) participates in enables him to relive the final moments of a man on a train just before he perished in a terrorist bombing.
Colter's goal is to identify the bomber and prevent a repeat of the disaster. However, as he repeatedly relives the minutes, his failures help him get closer to understanding how to prevent the first bombing from occurring.
Colter had to go to sleep in order to experience Source Code's "dream," which is more of a "simulation" than a real one. The relationship between dreams, simulations, and reality, as well as the urge to alter fate through them, is wonderfully explored in the film.


Christopher Nolanwrote and directed the science fiction movie Inception. It centers on Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), a robber with the extraordinary power to enter victims' subconsciouses and take their dreams, which he then uses against them.
A Japanese businessman who is impressed by Cobb's talent offers him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have his criminal record fully wiped if he can implant someone else's notion into their memory; if he succeeds, then the ideal crime occurs. Cobb's partner, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, helps them out on their missions.
Nolan said he wanted to investigate "the idea of people sharing a dream space... that gives you the potential to access somebody's unconscious mind" when asked how the idea for the movie first came to him.
What would that be used and abused for? was the question that eventually inspired the entire plot of the movie. The spinning of the top, which raises the question of whether they are still in a dream, is arguably one of the most discussed and contested endings of all time.

Alice In Wonderland

The classic film Alice in Wonderland epitomizes the age-old cliché of awakening to discover that the entire plot was "only a dream." The beloved picture, which depicts one of cinema's most fantastical and weird dream worlds, has permeated every aspect of modern culture.
In it, a young girl named Alice chases a strange white rabbit through the park before falling into an endless rabbit hole.
A fantastical world full of talking animals, doorknobs, flowers that sing to her, and playing cards that want to lop off her head is shown to her as she falls into it. Some of the most exotic creatures and iconic figures can be found in the Wonderland universe.


Bizarre comedy legend In a far darker and more sophisticated science-fiction satire about a bleak future populated by merciless bureaucracy, Terry Gilliam incorporated many of Monty Python's oddest pleasures.
Against the monsters out to break his spirit and the gorgeous woman he sees in real life, a dejected pencil pusher dreams of fantasy romance and adventure. Brazil explores escape and imagination a lot, but in the end, it's just as much about nightmares as it is about dreams, and its finale will live in nihilistic infamy.

Total Recall

It still holds up as one of the many action-packed blockbusters Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in during his prime. The movie is based on a short tale by Phillip K. Dick.
The movie changes completely when it is only appreciated for its science-fiction components. Its plot, which centers on a construction worker who is caught up in the hub of espionage on Mars, draws viewers who stick around for the payoff. Those who do not ignore Total Recallwill reap the benefits of avoiding the nightmare that was its 2012 version.

The Badadook

The Babadook is an intriguing horror film because it is one of the few that has a death-free conclusion. The concept of dreams and nightmares has been incorporated into the plots of many horror movies, but the characters in The Babadook only have to worry about being tormented rather than killed.
The story revolves around a recently bereaved mother (Essie Davis) and her son Samuel (Noah Wiseman), who starts acting in an unusual and unsettling way. One day, he brings his mother a strange book named "Mister Babadook" that suddenly appeared in their house.
The boy experiences insomnia after reading it, and odd things start happening in the house. Instead of using blood and gore, the movie brilliantly uses painful tension to terrify you into never sleeping again.


One of the best-known anime movies outside of Studio Ghibli is Paprika, which is a crucial component of Japanese animation.
It is a huge accomplishment in the story-telling of identities and dreamworlds, and it served as an inspiration for later well-known movies like Christopher Nolan's Inception.
The protagonist of the movie is Dr. Atsuko Chiba, also known as "Paprika," a dream investigator by night and a scientist by day.
Atsuko and her coworkers are developing a tool that will benefit their mental patients but, if used improperly, has the potential to be fatal to people's minds. One day, one of the prototypes goes missing, and numerous researchers start to go insane, sending Atsuko down a path of mystery that ultimately leads to something evil.
Anime Paprika main character poster
Anime Paprika main character poster

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What Movie Is A Dream In A Dream?

The setting of Nolan's movie really intrigued me. Even though we only see a small portion of it, it felt as though there was so much potential.

What Is Terrifying Dream?

A nightmare is a frightening dream that causes you to wake up and is connected to unpleasant emotions like fear or worry. Children frequently experience nightmares, but anyone can experience them. Typically, occasional dreams are nothing to be concerned about.


Whether we like it or not, dreams and nightmares are a significant component of our sleep. When you dream, you enter a mysterious world filled with fantastical landscapes, strange narratives, or downright hell.
It's common for dreams and nightmares to make no sense, leaving you perplexed when you wake up. Because of this, we still find good movies about dreams.
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