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What Should Your New Moon Intentions Be?

Looking to set new moon intentions? Learn the best practices for harnessing the new moon's energy to manifest goals and make meaningful life changes.

Author:Evelyn Adams
Reviewer:Mia Thompson
Jan 09, 2024
At the new Moon, you can ask essential questions or draw up big dreamsyou'll work toward during the next lunar cycle and beyond. When you think about what's going on in the sky, it makes sense that mostnew moon intentionsare about planting seeds for the future.
During this three-day phase of the Moon, it looks like the Moon is no longer in the night sky. It's when you plant a seed and then leave it alone so it can grow.

New Moon Manifesting Ritual

The New Moon is a great time to plan and make your dreams come true. As the moon starts a new cycle, it's a great time to focus on your goals and ensure your energy is going in the right direction. A new moon-generating rite is one way to use the power of the new moon.
A New Moon On Sky
A New Moon On Sky

Set The Intention

Take some time to think about what you want to bring into your life before you start your routine. Write down what you want to do in a diary or on paper. Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. Use clear, upbeat wording.

Create A Sacred Space

Choose a place that is quiet and comfy and won't bother you. You can make a holy place by lighting candles, burning incense, playing soft music, or using rocks.


Take a few deep breaths and get your mind back on track. Close your eyes and picture what you want to happen. Think about how it would feel to have them come true. Imagine having the life you want and feeling happy, healthy, and complete.

Write Down Your Intentions

Take your book or paper and write your plans in the present tense. Use encouraging words and specifics. For instance, instead of saying, "I want a job," you could say, "I have my dream job, the atmosphere is good, and I get along well with my coworkers."

Release What No Longer Serves You

As you write down your goals, give yourself time to let go of any bad energy or limiting ideas that might be getting in the way. Write down everything you want to eliminate that no longer helps you.

Charge Your Intentions

Hold your book or piece of paper and picture your goals coming true. Say a prayer or a statement and ask the world to help you get what you want.

Take Inspired Action

Take inspired steps toward your goals after your routine. This can be as easy as planning or taking a small step in the right direction. Trust that the world will help you get what you want, but also know that it's up to you to take action and make it happen.
Person Standing on Cliff
Person Standing on Cliff

How New Moon Intentions Support You

Setting goals as part of a new moon routine is a way to use the moon's natural powers to help you think about your life and how you want to move forward.
When you set a purpose, you plant a seed for what you want to grow. You send directed energy into the world to align yourself with that purpose. When you do this, you tell the Spirit out loud that you're ready to receive that purpose.

The Art Of Setting New Moon Intentions

Now that you're ready, it's time to decide what you want to happen with the New Moon. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make essential and strong goals.

Be Specific

When you have vague goals, you get vague results. Instead of saying, "I want to be happy," say what happiness means to you and what it looks like in your life. The more precise the way to getting what you want, the more specific you are.

Phrase Intentions Positively

Think about what you want to do in a good way. Instead of saying, "I want to quit my job," say, "I'm looking for a job that makes me happy and gives me a lot of money." Your inner mind is more affected by what you say to yourself.

Visualize Your Intentions

Visualization is a powerful way to bring things into being. Close your eyes and picture yourself doing what you want to do. Feel the feelings that come with what you want as if it were already true.
Gray Metal Candle Lantern on Boat Dock
Gray Metal Candle Lantern on Boat Dock

Harnessing New Moon Energy

The New Moon is when there is a lot of energy, making it a great time to set your goals. Here are some excellent ways to use this heavenly energy.

New Moon Ritual

Make a routine out of the process of setting your goals. Light candles, use crystals, or burn incense, whatever feels right to you, to increase the energy and make the experience more holy.

Mindful Affirmations

Repeat your goals as conscious mantras in the days running up to the New Moon and afterward. This practice helps you keep your goals in mind and enables you to stay on track with what you want.

Stay Open And Receptive

Once you know what you want, have faith in the process. Be ready to notice and act on the signsand chances that come your way. The universe may give you what you want in ways you didn't expect.

The Power Of Patience And Consistency

It's important to know that New Moon wishes are not quick magic spells. They need time and effort over and over again. Here's why it's essential to keep going.

Lunar Cycle

Just like the moon has different stages, so do your goals. It takes time for what you want to happen. Trust the process and keep working on your goals until the next full moon.

Alignment With Action

Change won't happen just because you want it to; you must do something. Taking steps toward your goals and plans will help you make the right decisions and choices.

Review And Reflect

Take time to reflect on your progress as each moon cycle goes by. Change your plans if needed, and enjoy the small wins along the way.

Exploring Moon Phases For Specific Goals

People have been fascinated by the moon and its stages for hundreds of years. The moon is beautiful, but it also has a unique energy that has a big effect on our lives. Each part of the moon cycle has power, making it a powerful way to set and reach goals.

New Moon - Planting Seeds Of Intention

The New Moon comes at the lunar cycle's start and symbolizes a fresh start. It has pure energy and a clean slate to plant the seeds of your goals.
  • Setting personal goals- During the New Moon, focus on growth and change.
  • Nurturing Relationships- The energy of the New Moon is also good for setting goals related to building and taking care of relationships.

Waxing Crescent - Growth And Expansion

As the moon gets bigger, it gets brighter and has more power. This phase is marked by energy and forward movement, which makes it a good time for plans that involve growth and development.
  • Job Advancement - If you want to move up or start something new in your field, setting goals during the Waxing Crescent can give you more drive and desire.
  • Creativity and motivation - This is a good time for artists, writers, and anyone else looking for creative motivation to set goals related to artistic expression and new ideas.

First Quarter Moon - Overcoming Challenges

The First Quarter Moon is a time to move forward and get past problems. It's a great time to set goals that take hard work and drive.
  • Health and Wellness- During this phase, you can set goals to improve your physical or mental health. This can help you stay on track and deal with problems on your way to wellness.
  • Financial Prosperity- The First Quarter Moon gives you the energy to reach financial goals that take hard work and determination, like saving for a big buy or starting a business.
Green Gems In Full Moon
Green Gems In Full Moon

Crystals For The New Moon

The New Moon, a time of new starts and clean slates, is a great time to set goals and make your dreams come true. Many people use crystals to make their goals stronger. This is a practice that has its roots in both old knowledge and modern spiritual beliefs.


Moonstone is a strong rock for new moon traditions because it helps with insight, inner growth, and mental balance. Moonstone can be used in practices for both the new and full moon to boost and focus the moon's energy.


Labradorite can help you develop your instincts, grow spiritually, and feel closer to God. Labradorite is also known for its defensive qualities, which help to keep bad forces out of the air and give a sense of security and balance.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystal is a type of mineral prized for its clarity and ability to boost energy. It has magical powers that help heal, grow spiritually, and bring things into being. It is connected to the head chakra and is said to improve mental awareness, focus, and insight.


Citrine is thought to bring wealth and plenty. It's an excellent crystal for making goals for financial success, moving up in your job, and bringing abundance into all parts of your life.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, the stone of love and kindness, is excellent for making goals that focus on self-love, drawing love, and caring for relationships.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a strong choice if you want to protect yourself and feel grounded. It can help you eliminate bad energy and build a strong base for what you want.
Amethyst is an excellent choice for setting goals related to mental health, spiritual growth, and sensitivity because it calms and protects.

9 New Moon Rituals For Love

New Moon ritualsare a popular way to set intentions, manifest desires, and invite positive energy into your life. If you're looking to attract love or enhance your existing romantic relationship, here are nine New Moon rituals you can try:
  • Setting Clear Intentions- Start by meditating or journaling about the qualities and attributes you desire in a romantic partner. Write down your intentions for love and be as specific as possible.
  • New Moon Bath- Take a soothing bath infused with herbs like rose petals, lavender, or jasmine. Light some candles and use this time to relax, clear your mind, and visualize love coming into your life.
  • Love Vision Board- Create a vision board with images, words, and symbols representing your ideal relationship. Place it somewhere you'll see it daily, allowing it to reinforce your intentions.
  • Candle Magic- Choose a pink or red candle to represent love. Light it and focus on your intentions as it burns. You can also carve symbols or words into the candle to strengthen your intention.
  • Moonlight Meditation- Meditate outside under the moonlight on the night of the New Moon. Visualize yourself surrounded by love and imagine your desires coming to fruition.
  • Love Affirmations- Write down love affirmations on small pieces of paper. Read them aloud during your New Moon ritualto boost your confidence and self-worth, which can attract love.
  • Crystals for Love- Work with rose quartz, amethyst, or moonstone crystals. Hold them during your ritual, or place them under your pillow to promote love and romance energy.
  • Release Negativity- Before inviting love into your life, release any past relationship baggage or negative beliefs about love. Write down what you want to remove and then burn or bury the paper.
  • Love Offering- Make an offering to the universe as a symbol of your commitment to finding love. This could be as simple as a bouquet, a love letter to yourself, or a small act of kindness towards others.
Remember, the key to any New Moon ritual is your intention and belief in its power. Consistency is also essential, so try to practice these rituals regularly. Additionally, while these rituals can help set the stage for love, it's essential to take proactive steps in your daily life to meet people and nurture potential relationships.

New Moon Intentions FAQs

What Are Some Goals For The New Moon?

Intentions for the New Moon can be about personal improvement, new starts, relationships, and having enough money.

Is The New Moon A Good Time To Make Plans?

Yes, the New Moon is a great time to set goals because it marks a new start and the start of a new lunar cycle.

What Are The Goals For The New Moon And The Full Moon?

On the New Moon, your plans are about starting over, while on the Full Moon, you think about and work toward the goals you set on the New Moon before.


New moon intentions are a powerful way to make the changes you want. Using the energy of the New Moon and making clear, positive goals can help you connect with the world's cosmic forces and make your dreams come true.
Remember that setting goals is very personal, and there is no one right way to do it. Find the habits and methods that work for you, and put your heart and soul into what you want to happen.
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