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What Is Oshun Symbol And What Are Its Origin & Significance?

The Oshun symbol serves as an alluring link between the worlds of astrology and spirituality, capturing the attention of individuals who are interested in deep insights from both fields.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Calvin Penwell
Jan 09, 2024
The Oshun symbolserves as an alluring link between the worlds of astrology and spirituality, capturing the attention of individuals who are interested in deep insights from both fields. The Oshun emblem, which has its roots in Yoruba mythology, captures the spirit of the renowned goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Beyond its cultural context, this signhas assimilated into astrological research, striking a chord with those who are intrigued by the cosmos' secrets.
In the fields of astrology and spirituality, symbols act as strong channels for the transmission of cosmic energy and archetypal forces. They have the amazing capacity to contain complex meanings, ancient knowledge, and transformational energies inside their graceful shapes.
When it comes to the Oshun symbol, its striking colors and visual features have significant meaning that corresponds to astrological themes and have an impact on people's personalities, feelings, and intuitive abilities.

The Essence Of Oshun - Understanding The Goddess

At the heart of the Oshun symbol lies an exploration of a divine and captivating figure: Oshun, the revered Yoruba goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Oshun is a bright and varied goddess whose essence resonates not just within cultural narratives but also within the vast tapestry of astrological motifs.
Oshun's beginnings are strongly established in Yoruba mythology, and she emerged as a vibrant and multifaceted deity as a result. Both the domain of astrologyand Oshun's embodiment of love, beauty, and fertility share a basic emphasis on the complex interaction of energies and forces that define human experience.
This allows for a seamless integration of the two. This convergence sheds insight on the potent relationship that exists between the heavenly forces and the archetypal traits that Oshun represents. Oshun's qualities regulate elements of emotionally expressing oneself, creatively expressing oneself, and nurturing relationships in the same way that planets and constellations influence the trajectory of our lives.
The historical and cultural setting of Oshun's presence within Yoruba mythology adds further depth to the level of importance she has. Oshun is honored as a goddess of rivers, a nurturer of mankind, and a guardian of feminine strength within the colorful tapestry of Yoruba mythology.
She is also seen as the protector of feminine power. The portrayal of her as a goddess with tight ties to water, in particular rivers, highlights the concepts of fluidity, adaptability, and emotional depth that fit smoothly with the watery aspect that is abundant in astrological readings.
In Yoruba culture, the presence of Oshun is woven into the complex fabric of ceremonies, festivals, and customs; this further emphasizes her everlasting impact. The soul of Oshun reverberates across time and beyond geographical bounds as worshippers pay tribute to her via the giving of offerings, dancing, and prayer.

What Does Oshun Look Like?

In works of art, Oshun is often shown in a manner that is similar to that of many of her equivalents from other civilizations. It is standard practice to depict Oshun as a lovely young lady who is also attractive, sensuous, and flirtatious. Oshun is decked out with a variety of decorations, including gold jewelry, brass bracelets, beads, mirrors, and intricate fans, in addition to the innate beauty that she has.
It is also said that Oshun is drawn to all things that shimmer and shine due to her fascination with such qualities. It is possible that the depiction of Oshun as a mermaid with a fish tail in certain myths is a reference to her role as the goddess of delicious waters.

Significance Of Oshun - The Yoruba Water Goddess

Traditions from Africa state that Oshun made her initial appearance to mankind in the city of Osogbo, which is located in Nigeria. It is claimed that the mighty and terrible water goddess Oshun guards and protects this city, which is also known as Oshogbo. This city is considered to be holy. According to local tradition, the goddess gave the residents of Osogbo permission to construct their city on the banks of the Osun River.
She also made the promise that she would guard them and provide for them if they revered her and worshiped her in a committed manner by honoring her with their prayers, sacrifices, and other rites. This is how the Oshun festival got its start.
The Yoruba people continue to commemorate it to this very day. The devotees of Oshun make a pilgrimage to the river on an annual basis in order to pay homage to the goddess, make a sacrifice, and pray for improved health, children, and financial circumstances.
In close proximity to Osogbo, on the outskirts of the city, there is a holy woodland that is devoted to the god Oshun. The Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove has been around for about five centuries and gets its name from both locations.
The holy woodland is home to a number of works of art in addition to temples and sanctuaries that pay homage to the water goddess.
In the civilizations of West Africa, Oshun is closely associated with the strength of women and femininity. She is especially vital to women who desire children because of this association. Those who may struggle with reproductive issues pray to the goddess and ask for her assistance by calling her name. The goddess is often petitioned during times of acute destitution and severe drought in the hopes that she will provide rain and turn the land into fruitful ground.
The spread of the Yoruba religion and culture to other parts of the world and their profound influence on other civilizations occurred as a direct result of the international slave trade. Because of this, Oshun became a significant god in Brazil, where she is known as Oxum, as well as in Cuba, where she is known as Ochn. Her name in Brazil is Oxum.

Symbols Of The Oshun

Symbols of the Oshun goddess are often connected with elements such as rainfall, water, gold, the color yellow, and the process of giving birth. Oshun may be interpreted to signify everything having to do with femininity, including but not limited to dancing, love, beauty, fertility, children, and romance.


Oshun is represented by the elements of water, including rain, rivers, and streams, because of her deep connection to the element. Oshun is a goddess of both water and fertility because she understands that without water, there could be no such thing as life. Abebe, which is a fan in the shape of a circular circle, and canals


Due to the fact that seashells are found in water, it is standard practice to identify them with the goddesses that preside over various bodies of water. Because of their association with beauty, seashells are an excellent choice for representing Oshun. Peacocks and vultures are two more creatures that are associated with the spirit of Oshun.
Oshun Signs In Red Color
Oshun Signs In Red Color


The plant known as mint has significant meaning due to its association with the virtues of hospitality, strength, and protection. It will provide you with health and peace, and it is strongly related to Oshun since she brought protection and peace to people who adored her. You will get both of these benefits by using it. Kalanchoe and pennywort are two other plant species that are associated with Oshun.

Scents And Perfumes

Because jasmine, sweet smells, citrine, and pumpkin spice are all feminine scents that indicate love, beauty, and fertility, they are ideal representations of this orisha. Jasmine is the orisha associated with love, while citrine, pumpkin spice, and sweet scents are all associated with love.

Gems And Metals

Oshun was often connected with the hues gold, yellow, and different shades of orange, amber, gold, and copper are all excellent options for symbolizing her. Since these precious stones and metals exude a certain degree of radiance, it is only natural to employ them as symbols of Oshun, given the connotations of this deity.

Goddess Jewelry

There are a variety of factors to consider before deciding whether or not to keep a healing crystal or stone close at hand. One of the best ways to become closer to your goddess is to wear her color or a gemstone associated with her. The fact that they also look wonderful when worn as jewelry makes the deal that much better.


When you wish to symbolize this orisha or when you want to surround yourself with her symbols, you may use the colors white, yellow, gold, and coral. You can also utilize these colors in any other way that you see fit.

Oshun Symbol Association With Specific Zodiac Signs And Planetary Influences

Oshun's symbolic essence finds resonance in the vast fabric of astrology via its link with certain zodiac signs and celestial bodies, and this association is what gives astrology its meaning.
Her impact is most perceptible in the regions of Taurus, Libra, and Pisces, which are signs that reflect her qualities of attractiveness, love, and intuitiveness, respectively. This relationship is further strengthened by the fact that Venus, the planet that rules over planetary rulership, also rules over the aforementioned zodiac signs and Oshun's attributes.

Alignment Of Oshun's Energy With Astrological Personalities

An enthralling quest to undertake is to investigate what happens when the energy of Oshun collides with astrological personas. People who were born under the influence of two or more related signs often exhibit a captivating appeal, a creative spirit, and a strong love for beauty in all its forms.
Natives of Taurus represent her sensuality and grounded presence, while those born under the sign of Libra exhibit her balancing spirit, which encourages relationships and promotes beauty in all its manifestations. Pisces, the mysterious water sign, is in harmony with Oshun's intuitive and dreamy character, which allows for a blurring of the lines between reality and fantasy.

The Water Element And Its Connection To Emotions And Intuition

Within the framework of astrology, water, the element that is associated with feelings and instincts, plays an important role as a conduit for the forces that flow via Oshun.
Her incarnation as a goddess of rivers and other forms of water further confirms this relationship. The emotional depth, flexibility, and healing capabilities of water represent the loving temperament that Oshun bestows, as well as the deep healing and change that she brings about.
Through the placement of Venus and the linked zodiac signs, it is possible to deduce Oshun's effect on a person's birth chart. The fact that these astrological components are present in important houses enhances the relevance of her characteristics in the course of an individual's life journey.

The Oshun Symbol In Rituals And Practices - A Path To Spiritual Enrichment

When used as a guiding light in many spiritual activities, the Oshun symbol, a strong sign of love, beauty, and fertility, infuses them with the deep energy of the goddess. The Oshun sign offers a transforming route to greater comprehension and connection as searchers go into the worlds of astrology, meditation, and self-discovery.
Astrologers may use the power of the Oshun symbol to strengthen their rituals and objectives. Practitioners may construct altars ornamented with items emblematic of Oshun honey, peacock feathers, and mirrors during astrological occurrences linked with Venus, such as Venus retrogrades or transits, calling on her energies for issues of love, creativity, and emotional healing.
When contemplating in front of these shrines during Venus-related celestial periods, there might be a powerful resonance between cosmic forces and one's own desires.

Oshun - Orisha Of Fertility, Love And Beauty (African History) | Yoruba Religion/Mythology Explained

Enhancing Meditation And Manifestation Techniques

It is amazing how the Oshun symbol resonates with manifestation and meditation practices. People may connect with their emotions and their intuition depths by seeing themselves submerged in the goddess's flowing waters during guided meditations.
By using Oshun's qualities of fertility and plenty, you may infuse your aspirations with her creative energy and enhance your manifestation rituals.

Connecting With Oshun's Energy For Self-Love, Creativity, And Healing

The Oshun symbol offers a gateway to self-love and self-expression as a source of healing and self-nurturing. It is possible to develop a greater appreciation for one's beauty and individuality by engaging in behaviors that are consistent with her characteristics. Invoking Oshun's energy may inspire creativity and originality in artists and creatives, leading to more sincere and powerful artistic creations.
The Oshun symbol enriches the tapestry of spiritual practices by offering avenues for individuals to connect with the goddess's transformative energy. This symbol provides a channel for deeper reflection, emotional healing, and creative discovery when combined with astrology, meditation, and manifestation.
A path of self-discovery, empowerment, and alignment with the divine currents that influence both the universe and the human spirit begins for searchers when they respect the Oshun symbol.

Oshun Symbol FAQs

Who Is Oshun?

Oshun is a goddess associated with the Yoruba religion in West Africa.

What Is The Color Of Oshun?

Oshun is associated with the colors yellow and gold.

What Does The Oshun Symbol Represent?

The Oshun symbol represents the attributes of Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

What Does The Oshun Symbol Teach Us About Self-Love?

The Oshun symbol encourages self-love and acceptance. It reminds us to embrace our own beauty, uniqueness, and inner qualities.

How Can The Oshun Symbol Enhance Meditation?

The Oshun symbol can enhance meditation by serving as a focal point for visualization. Meditating on its elements can help individuals connect with their emotions and intuition.


The Oshun symbol appears in the spirituality and astrology tapestry as a significant link between earthly reality and the cosmos. A doorway to self-discovery, healing, and artistic expression, its many layers of symbolism are connected to the Yoruba goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
The Oshun symbol develops into a lighthouse of direction and change as it interacts with astrological signs, planetary forces, and meditation techniques. This symbol inspires us to investigate the connectivity of our inner selves with the great cosmos via its eternal message of love, beauty, and intuitive depth, exposing a path of deeper insight and harmonic resonance.
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