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Have You Experienced Signs That Suggest You Had A Past Life?

"Who was I in a past life?" is a question that many people ask their local psychic, but many psychiatrists believe in previous incarnations and base their work on the notion.

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If you've ever experienced strange recollections, repeated nightmares, or an unexplainable affinity for a certain historical period, it's possible that your soul has a past life.
If you believe you have had previous incarnations, go through this article below to read some of the signsthat this isn't your first time on our planet.
The cycles of nature, day and night, and the cyclic motion of the sun, earth, moon, and solar system are all examples of reincarnationprinciples.
Every day, we witness reincarnation principles represented in nature: a plant develops, dies, and releases its seeds.
Its seeds dig into the ground, sprout, and fresh life emerges once more.
While some people identify this notion with religion, many others just think they existed at some period in the past.
And, unexpectedly, there are a number of clues to look out for that may suggest that you've lived a previous life, just as there are a number of dream symbols that you should never overlook.
Check out our unique list of indicators below to check whether you've ever lived another life.
This type of thing usually makes me suspicious, but some of these are just terrifying in terms of how accurately they reflect me.
Could I have had a previous life?

The Concept Of Past Life

Old black and white pictures of babies, girls, and boy
Old black and white pictures of babies, girls, and boy
Reincarnation, the idea that our soul or awareness lives on through several incarnations, is presupposed in past lifetreatment.
Past life treatment is based on the premise that there is "carry-over from one incarnation to another," and that we all have "some form of consciousness entity (or, in religious words, a soul) that experiences consecutive lifetimes," as a child psychiatrist and past-life researcher Jim B. Tucker, M.D. tells mbg.
Some people think that their former life' experiences, sentiments, and even traumas might still impact them today.
Ann Barham, a past life regressionexpert and author of The Former Life Perspective, notes that most of her customers seek to understand more about themselves and the nature of reality in general by exploring their past incarnations.

What Is Cellular Memory?

In a nutshell, the cellular memory hypothesis proposes that the brain isn't the only organ capable of storing and retrieving memories.
Rather, memories can be stored in the body itself. These memories can have a strong subconscious impact on our desires, needs, and reactions to items in our environment.
Experts who study past lives think that data about our prior incarnations is stored in our biological memory.
As a result, we must adopt a different strategy in order to gain access to this data. Other strategies, such as sitting and reflecting, are more likely to allow us to access our cellular memory.

Signs Of Past Life

Have you ever experienced the strange feeling that you've lived a previous life?
Perhaps you've heard incredible past-life stories of people who had resurrected memories from a prior life?
If that's the case, you've definitely thought about the concept of rebirth and how you may learn more about your own.
If you've ever had memories that don't appear to be your own, felt déjà vu, or dreamt vividly about people and places you've never seen, these might all be evidence that you've lived a previous life.
Living more than one life, often known as reincarnation, is a widespread concept in Eastern faiths like Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as New Age spirituality.
Recognizing indications from previous lifetimes can provide valuable information and meaning to the life we currently have.

Past Lives: 6 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times

You Have Vivid, Recurrent Dreams

Dreamscan represent a variety of factors, such as concerns your brain is attempting to process, stress, or prior trauma.
They might also indicate that you've had a previous existence.
Specific places or persons that feel strangely familiar and recognized in your dreams but are unfamiliar to you in real life might be things you've seen before.
A woman who dreamed of herself dressed in 1940s garb and speaking to a group of soldiers subsequently found via past life regression that she had perished during WWII.

You Experience Déjà Vu

Nearly everybody experiences déjà vu now and again.
But there is a large difference between traditional déjà vu where something simply seems familiar and definitive déjà vu where you are convinced that you've lived this moment before.
Many attribute this feeling to a simple misfiring within the brain's memory center.
However, those who believe in past lives believe that this experience of déjà vu could be a signthat you lived a similar or even identical moment in a previous life.

You Have Unreasonable Fears

A girl covering her face with her hands
A girl covering her face with her hands
Do you have any major worries that you can't explain?
Dr. McGrail has had great encounters with patients who do and who have had life-changing breakthroughs.
One of the women with whom he worked had an overwhelming dread of death after looking up at the sky one day.
"We conducted a previous life regression in hypnosis, and she saw that she had been wrongfully accused of murder and sentenced to death."
She had looked up into the sky and saw the clouds just before they threw the hood over her head.
Her nervousness vanished after that session, and she resumed her formerly joyful life."

You Identify With Another Culture

A Francophile is someone who is enamored with the French way of life and anything French.
Is it, however, only an acquired desire or something more profound than what you were born with?
"If someone is drawn to a certain region [or] culture," Schmaren explains, "that may prompt a desire to investigate a former life event."
They should seek out a specialist who has expertise leading someone through it."
Visiting the nation to which you are mysteriously pulled and immersing yourself in its culture may also help to clarify things for you.

Some Of Your Memories Seem Out Of Place

Our ability to operate as humans is heavily reliant on our memories.
We wouldn't be able to remember who, what, or where we are if we didn't have memory, and we wouldn't be able to recall anything outside of ourselves if we didn't have memory.
However, possessing recollections of locations, people, or particular events that we've never encountered is a strong indicator of a previous existence.
A little child revealed to his mother that he had pretended to be someone else.
The further examination uncovered recollections of living and working in Hollywood, as well as particular details such as the fact that he had three boys.
Even in an old shot from a movie shoot, the youngster recognized himself.

You Have Incredible Foresight

Those who believe in reincarnation feel it improves your awareness of time, both past and future.
You probably have amazing foresight if you are continually dazzling others by forecasting the future or if you can sense what is about to happen next.
This capacity to predict the future might simply indicate that your soul has been around for a long time and can sense when something significant is going to happen.

You Have Persistent Memories

Head with clocks
Head with clocks
Have you ever heard someone claim that they were born in the incorrect era?
When someone has strong feelings about something, some psychologists believe it might be an indication of a past life connection.
According to Dr. John McGrail, a professional hypnotherapist, this trait is frequent among persons who may have had previous incarnations.
"Persistent'memories,' or intuitive experiences of being someone else somewhere else at another time," McGrail says.
"This can be accompanied with a physical manifestation, like as a birthmark, that when looked at elicits a feeling or 'memory.'"

You Recognize Someone As A Soulmate

Two hands holding a black paper heart
Two hands holding a black paper heart
Soulmates is one of the most romantic concepts associated with former incarnations.
Soulmates are said to transcend time and space, conquering all difficulties in their pursuit of one another.
It's likely that you were soulmates in a prior life if you recognize someone as a soulmate - especially if you get that sense with a stranger.
This lovely concept indicates that two souls will always discover each other, no matter where (or when) they reside.
Traveling through different incarnations with the same group of souls, which I refer to as soul mates, soul companions, or soul family, is fairly frequent.
With our soul groups, we appear to gain spiritual lessons and acquire or resolve karma.
Relationships may change from one life to the next, but the souls do not.
Your grandma, for example, may reincarnate as your grandchild.
In this way, we never lose touch with our loved ones since we are always reunited with them, whether on the other side of the veil or in our physical bodies.


Finally, a birthmark is one of the most common physical former life indicators and symbols.
Many of us have one or more of them, which we typically disregard as unimportant.
Our location in the womb, our birth, or random pigment patterns can all contribute to them.
People who investigate the nature of reincarnation, on the other hand, have frequently asked if these markings may be used as proof of previous lifetimes.
In fact, there have been reported occurrences of finding photographs of other persons with identical markings.


Surprisingly, many individuals believe in reincarnation or that they have lived before.
Many of us wonder if we have had a previous existence.
Some of us are brave enough to take the next step and investigate deeper.
For the rest, past incarnations remain a major mystery.
When it comes to previous life regression using hypnosis, there has been one major concern for decades: how can we know if the former life experience is true or not?
There are times throughout our days when memories of who we used to be returned, sometimes in stunning detail, and sometimes as a vague sense of familiarity.
People may delve into the murky depths of their subconscious through former life regression and see a lot more of the iceberg, learning more about themselves in the process.
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