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Why Is Soul Urge Number 11 Considered Highly Spiritual And Intuitive?

Born of master numbers, soul urge number 11 is a representation of both the single-digit 1 and the duality of the number 2.

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Reviewer:Calvin Penwell
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Born of master numbers, soul urge number 11represents both the single-digit 1 and the duality of the number 2.
This master number is not broken down into 1+1=2, but it still shares many traits with numerology number 2.
Soul urge number 11 is one of the most sensitive soul urge numbersand is highly spiritual.

Soul Urge Number 11 Meaning

Let’s look in-depth at the Soul Urge Number 11 meaningand what kind of person typically this person is and discuss both the positives and negatives of master number 11.

Intuitive & Creative

Soul Urge Number 11
Soul Urge Number 11
Intuitive and idealistic, soul number 11 is concerned with the wellbeing and happiness of others more than its own.
They truly want to help people, but their minds and souls are on a spiritual journey of evolution, and their help won’t be with practical, mundane things.
Master number 11 sees the beauty and blessings of spirituality and wants everybody to do the same.
If this is your soul urge number, you likely enjoy helping others discover their soul, be it in a religious institution or through some other spiritual pursuit.
Creative and artistic, soul urge number 11 is a dreamer.
But unlike some other numbers given to dreaming, 11 likes to turn those dreamsinto reality, provided it is one with a higher purpose that will ultimately serve others, not itself.
Their dreams and ideas are often of an esoteric nature that would quickly be dismissed as useless by a more materialistic number. Yet, an eleven finds joy and fulfillment in seeing them through.

Extremely Aware

Soul Urge Number 11
Soul Urge Number 11
A person with soul urge number 11 is very aware of both themselves and the people around them.
They are compassionate and intensely sense other people’s thoughts and feelings, sometimes to the point that other people see them as psychic.
Because of this strong extrasensory ability and the deep insight they have on other people, elevens tend to avoid conflict.
They feel it too acutely and don’t want to deal with the stress and anxiety it puts them through.
They are peace-loving and harmonious people, naturally seeking out environments and friends to help them stay on that wavelength.
Elevens have a powerful sense of right and wrongdetermined by their intelligent, capable minds.
They are idealistic and want everyone around them to have the same high standards and morals.
That having been said, they are not oppressive and will accept and understand that some people have a different opinions.

Soul Urge 11 Lives Life With A Purpose

Soul Urge Number 11
Soul Urge Number 11
People with soul urge number 11 have clever minds.
Put together with their amazing insight into people and situations; they can achieve a lot professionally.
Their strong sense of right and wrong blends well into careers in criminal justice or law.
With their sixth sense, they can often see what others don’t, filling in important details that can make or break a case or an investigation.
This master number can also often be found in a top advisory role in the business world.
It may not be the best at leading other people, lacking the practicality and pragmatism needed to make that work.
But number eleven is frequently found in top executive roles that gather information, filter, and process it to find hidden patterns and trends that others cannot see.
They can then relay this information to the boss, who can make sound business decisions.
This extreme sensitivity and ability to see clearly means eleven will have few friends, many of them childhood ones.
They’re by no means antisocial, enjoying the company of their close ones as often and as much as they can.
It’s just that eleven can sense what others are feeling and thinking so clearly; it can quickly see through people’s pretenses, separating the few that genuinely want to be friends.

Number 11’s Are Perfectionists And Prone To Worrying

Soul Urge Number 11
Soul Urge Number 11
People with soul urge 11 have a very sharp mind and are devotedto seeing every project and idea they are a part of through to a successful end.
They can be given to nitpicking, worrying about the tiniest little details that may not make any noticeable difference in the end.
They worry a lot, and even when everything seems fine, they’ll find something to stress about.
Elevens have a tendency to fix things that aren’t broken, which usually only makes the situation worse.
This can easily turn into a vicious cycle that is difficult to break out of, and without help, an eleven can end up shrouding itself in negative feelings.
As an eleven, it’s important to recognize that some things are best left as they are. It may not be perfect, but if it’s working, leave it be.
Some tiny detail of your relationship may bother you, but trying to fix it (and failing!) is hardly worth spoiling a good thing.

Soul Urge Number 11 Compatibility

Soul Urge Number 11 Compatibility
Soul Urge Number 11 Compatibility
People with master number 11 are highly intuitive, often sensing and feeling things that their partner may not have been ready to share with them.
Elevens are also constantly worrying about their romantic partner, thinking of them, and becoming anxious and nervous.
Eleven needs a partner that will offer stability, love, and compassion and understand their need for spirituality and drive to help others achieve it.
A soul urge eleven will open up with the right partner and form a deep, lasting connection.
Eleven is good with relationships and can form a strong, deep bond with most numbers.
The exceptions are 4 and 5.
There may be an initial attraction with a 4, but one that is not likely to last long-term because 4 cannot really relate to an eleven’s spiritual focus.
5s may also not make an ideal pairing because they’re all about freewheeling explorers where 11 needs to be grounded and supported.
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Summary: Soul Urge Number 11 Meaning

Soul Urge Number 11
Soul Urge Number 11
Soul urge number 11 is often a visionary force, offering deep insight into people and situations, helping guide things in the right direction.
Idealistic and sensitive, eleven seeks peace and harmony, working for the greater good.
These people are loving and devoted in relationships, never demanding too much, and not given to being bossy.
This master number needs a partner who can connect with them on a deeper level and understand their need for the spiritual.
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