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What Does The Soul Urge Number 6 Reveal About Your Inner Desires?

For soul urge number 6, there is no greater or more powerful need than pure, unconditional love. Six is a caregiver, happiest when it is doing good for others.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Matteo Caraveta
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For soul urge number 6, there is no greater or more powerful need than pure, unconditional love.
If this is your soul number, then you have a greater purpose in life.
Your soul urge number is the vibration your inner self radiates and the energies it embodies.

Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning

Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
Soul urge number 6 is a natural-born caregiver, happiest when doing something for the good and wellbeing of others.
Caring for other people gives 6 immense satisfaction, even when it comes to self-sacrifice.
And while sixes are about as far from egotistical as possible, they glow with a beautiful warmth when their loving, caring personality is appreciated.
They crave recognition for all the good they do and need nothing more than a heartfelt thank you to thrive.
People with soul urge 6 are extremely caring and compassionate, always giving, never asking.
But they also have a powerful sense of self. They give so much and so freely because it makes them happy to do so, not because they feel guilty or obliged.
Sixes have a healthy sense of self-respect and can show an entirely different side of themselves if their care and compassion are misused and abused.
They’re quick to avoid conflict in the interest of retaining harmony and balance, but make no mistake: sixes are not pushovers.
Justice and truth matter to sixes very much.
They may not be as quick to rise to the occasion if they themselves are being trodden on unless you push them long and hard.
But if you threaten their loved ones in any way, they will retaliate immediately with a force you never believed possible.

Excellent Listeners & Friends

Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
Soul urge number six is always the first to offer a much-needed shoulder to lean on.
This is the friend that will come to wipe your tears away at 11 pm on a stormy autumn night with a flask of hot chocolate, a listening ear, and a ready smile.
Gentle and kind, sixes won’t try to judge you.
They will listen and do their best to understand, offering compassion and heartfelt advice.
If they feel you’ve wronged somebody, they will give you a stern reprimanding, all the while showing you how much they really care for you and want things to get better.
Six is a kind and quiet friend with a sometimes surprisingly good sense of humor.
They are not the most social of numbers, but neither are they loners.
They live to offer comfort when it is needed, and their friends instinctively seek them out whenever they’re down and need a confidante.
The natural empathy and compassion of sixes often lead them to careers in healthcare and counseling, where they can make the biggest contribution with their skills and have a rewarding, fulfilling career.
But this number is also creative, excelling at creating a beautiful, harmonious environment.
Many sixes can be found putting these attributes to good use in customer care or as stay-at-home parents.

Loyal And Caring To A Fault

Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
People with soul number 6 have an overpowering urge to help anyone and everyone in need, yet that is not always possible.
Sixes must understand this and learn to live with it, painful as it may be.
It can be tough for you as a six, but if you realize helping someone is beyond your means, recognize that you can’t help them and let it be.
This is better than putting the person’s hopes up, only to fail in the end. It will also stop you from stressing and bending over backward, trying to achieve the impossible.
Your caring nature is truly a gift, but sacrificing yourself all the time is not going to do anyone any good, least of all yourself.
Sometimes you need to limit yourself to offering a good ear and sound advice instead of pulling out all the stops to try and help.
Valuable as your help is, there are times people need to learn things on their own.
Old habits are hard to break, and you are not assertive, but don’t let people walk over you.
It’s important to understand that any relationship requires effort from both sides to work, so you doing all the compromising is not a solution.

Soul Urge Number 6 Compatibility

Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
With its loving, caring, and compassionate nature, sixes make gentle yet romantic partners.
Six is considerate and undemanding, more worried about giving than taking.
They revel in making their partners happy and will go to any length to get there.
Sixes are creatures of home, and they love the comfort and peace it provides them with.
They’re by no means loners, but they need a space that is fully theirs and their family’s to feel completely relaxed and unwind in.
Their partner needs to understand this and commit to spending quality time at home with them.
Number 6 is so caring and giving; it can get along with pretty much any other number on the numerologyscale.
But the best numbers for sixes are 1,8 and 9.
Sixes will find the most in common with these numbers and find strength in their more assertive natures.
Soul Urge Number 5&Soul Urge Number 3 are the worst numbers for a 6.
The irresponsible and flighty five can be difficult for a six, leading to a painful breakup, and the egotistic, callous three is probably the worst match.

Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning: Final Thoughts

Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning
Soul urge number 6 is an embodiment of unconditional love in all its forms, and sixes make good friends, lovers, and parents.
They are all about compassion and understanding, exuding an aura of empathy and compassion that everyone instinctively responds to.
People with soul urge 6 are happiest when caring for others and will go out of their way to help someone in need.
They need to be careful not to sacrifice too much and push themselves too far; else, they can easily get depressed and become imbalanced.
A long-lasting, loving relationship with six is a solid reality.
Their partner needs to remember that a six has needs of their own and must get as much as they give to be truly happy and content.
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