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What Are Some Spells For Good Luck You Can Use?

Now is the time to begin inviting extra luck into your life! You can cast spells to bring good fortune. Yes! Spells for good luck can significantly improve your life. While spells have been used successfully for a very long time by people all throughout the world, we cannot always guarantee that they will.

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Reviewer:Calvin Penwell
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Now is the time to begin inviting extra luck into your life! You can cast spells to bring good fortune. Yes! Spells for good luck can significantly improve your life.
While spells have been used successfully for a very long time by people all throughout the world, we cannot always guarantee that they will.
Spells can take some time to work, and each person will experience different effects. Keep in mind that a spell of good fortune will bring you what is actually best for you, and that may happen in unexpected ways!
When casting magic, have an open mind and be alert for any upcoming possibilities and signs. Good fortune!

The Overview Of Spells

A woman holding a jar with some witchcraft items and candles around her
A woman holding a jar with some witchcraft items and candles around her
The art of finding, amplifying, and directing your energy is spell casting. Anything carried out with magical intent is a spell. So it is a purpose that someone has set.
Spells must be cast by a specialist to be effective since they use the energy around us. The spells that are cast with intention have the best results.
Casting a spell requires focus, discernment, and empathy above all else in order to be effective. Here are a few advantages of spells:
  • It assists in dispersing unwelcome energy surrounding a person.
  • Unhealthy influences can be banished from our life with a spell.
  • It encourages someone to value their effort.
  • It enhances one's life by bringing joy and thankfulness.
  • May bring good luck.
  • A person might retain a cheerful outlook on life with the use of a spell.
  • A protection prevents any attempts to ruin your life by anyone.

Spells For Good Luck To Try

A candle with some flowers, stone and jars around it
A candle with some flowers, stone and jars around it
Continue reading as I delve into these spells and discuss how they can raise your luck.

A Penny For Good Luck

One of the oldest and simplest luck magic exists, and all you need is a penny to cast it. Keep the penny in your pocket while you are out and about.
When you are prepared, lift your hand toward your heart while holding the penny in your hand. This will make it easier to draw soul energy.
Next, place the penny on your third eye point, which is located between your eyes on your forehead. If you can, say the phrase aloud to yourself. Leave the penny somewhere, like a fountain or a bed of flowers, and kiss the hand that is holding it. You've finished! Don't look back when you leave the penny in your hand.
The unique quality of this spell is that it will bring luck into both your life and the life of the person who discovers the penny. For this reason, you ought to always take a penny when you find one.

Use Candles To Spread Positive Energy

Outside of Wicca, candles are used for a variety of purposes, such as meditation, relaxation, and aromatherapy. In Wicca, candles are also used magically. Candles are categorized based on their colors and can represent different things. It is also an essential component of spells, particularly ones that boost luck.
Because they include all four elements, candles are associated with nature. The candle is fueled by air, which keeps it burning. Wax in its solid condition symbolizes the ground, wax in its liquid state, water, and flame, fire.
candle colors that bring luck include;
  • Black: Dispels bad energy and draws in money.
  • Brown: Helps you stay grounded when casting spells and brings healing.
  • Gold: Money and attraction.
  • Green: Money, development, wealth, procreation, employment, and good fortune.
  • Orange: Victory in a legal matter and the rekindling of romantic desire.
  • Purple: Business success and power.
  • Red: Power and good luck. 
  • White: Serenity, purity, binding, and purification.
  • Yellow: Prosperity, powers of persuasion, study, self-assurance, abundance, charisma, and wisdom.

The Full Moon Spell

The spell exploits the full moon's enhanced powers to your advantage. Simply utter the following phrases during the following full moon.
When the moon is next full, "Lady of Luck, come out of your hidden path, bless your light upon me as the moonlight shines above, and in the light luck will be blessed I." For luck, recite the magic of each full moon!

Purify Your Home With Herbs

Sage, lavender, and cedar are herbs that attract good fortune and ward off a bad fortune in the home. The smoke from the burning plants will purify the energy in your space as you travel through each room while voicing your objectives.
In order to feel more connected to nature, you can also choose to soak the herbs in water before adding them to the water you use to clean your home. For instance, to get rid of bad energy from the foundation of your house, add a herbal measure to the water you use to scrub the floors. Alternatively, use the spray bottle you use to clean counters.
As you purify your home, always keep in mind to manifest your intentions. To be sure the herb won't harm your surfaces, examine a small area first.

Burn A White Candle Coated With Nutmeg

Given its persuasive intensity and intimate ties to Jupiter, nutmeg is one of the herbs that draw luck. Planets are an essential component of the spells used by Wiccans since they are linked to nature and the cosmos.
Jupiter assists with growth and expansion in this situation. As a result, cinnamon is a fantastic herb for spells that bring good fortune and wealth.
Get your white candle, write your name and birthdate on it, then cover it with any oil you have on hand, like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. Alternately, you can sprinkle nutmeg anywhere you need luck: in your wallet, all over your house, beneath your pillow, etc.

Use Cinnamon To Speed Up Good Luck Spells

Any spell can benefit from the addition of cinnamon to speed up energies and raise vibrations in order to achieve your goals. For uplifting energy, you can also burn cinnamon sticks in various places of your house. Use cinnamon powder to create a line on your front entrance to ward off ill luck and draw in good fortune if you have some.
Burning a gold candle that has been dusted with cinnamon powder is another fantastic spell you may do. On the candle, write your name and birthdate. Next, dab some good luck oil and cinnamon all over it.
Light the candle and give it positive energy. Because the herbs are burning, don't leave the candle unattended.

People Also Ask

What Does Cast The Spell Mean?

You become intrigued or enchanted by something or someone if they cast a spell on you. Sundials have had a long-standing influence on mathematicians and scientists.

Does Spell Mean Magic?

The term "spell" can be used to describe either the magic words you use or the effect they have. Although you generally don't experience many magic spells in real life, the term is frequently used metaphorically to describe situations in which you feel as though a magical force is in charge of your behavior.

Why Do We Say Cast A Spell?

There are two main meanings to this phrase. The first is related to magic and spellcasting. The second involves metaphorically bewitching someone. It could be claimed that someone has "cast a spell" over you if they are particularly attractive or alluring to you.


That concludes our discussion of Spells for good luck strategies. Your wish will undoubtedly come true if you adhere to our directions. This type of magic has been practiced for ages since it is strong and successful at attracting good fortune.
These methods are simple to use and have no adverse side effects, whatever your level of witchcraft expertise. To summon the power of magic, use your sincere intentions and upbeat outlook. You'll be helped by your sincere desire!
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