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Is Spiritual Awakening Calling You?

Having a spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing, lonely, and wonderful things that can happen in life. Simply said, spiritual awakenings are the first step on the journey to enlightenment. We spend our whole lives chasing the false promises of material success, social status, and personal acclaim, but we never have a real spiritual awakening.

Author:Matteo Caraveta
Reviewer:Mia Thompson
Jan 12, 2024
Having a spiritual awakeningis one of the most confusing, lonely, and wonderful things that can happen in life. Simply said, spiritual awakenings are the first step on the journey to enlightenment.
We spend our whole lives chasing the false promises of material success, social status, and personal acclaim, but we never have a real spiritual awakening.
The unexpected nature of spiritual awakenings is both uncomfortable and lovely. You can't prepare for them, ever. They crash into your life like a storm and completely upend your routine.
However, a hidden bonus is that they always seem to happen when you need them. A spiritual awakening is a concept that has been around for millennia and may be found in many different faiths and traditions throughout the globe.
Spiritual awakening happens when a person can take a step back and "awaken" to their existence with a new feeling of being in this world.

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a personal experience in which one's ego expands beyond the usual, limited self to take in the vast scope of truth or reality.
Experiences of profound embodiment and noetic insight are typically interpreted as a nondual union with a limitless and all-encompassing awareness of the divine or "God" in the context of a felt sense of oneness.
The indescribable sense of inner knowing, understanding, "remembering," or "unveiling" of one's true nature, as well as feelings of peace and equanimity, bliss, ecstasy, and aliveness, awe, sacredness, gratitude, reverence, and an abundance of unconditional love, are common responses to spiritual awakening, whether gradual or sudden, intentionally induced or spontaneous.
The intensity of one's physical and mental reactions to internal and external stimuli, including color, light, touch, noises, and odors, may grow as a result of such intense experiences, as may the perception of the transcendence of time and space.
Strong physical sensations may accompany them, as appears to be more typical in what are usually referred to as "kundalini awakenings.
These sensations may include, but are not limited to: heat or energy rising or "shooting up" in the body, typically in and around the spine; bursts of tingling, tickling, or prickling in the body, particularly around the crown of the head, brow point, and heart space; electric sensations in the extremities of the body (hand postures).
When these heightened sensitivities are present, people can have paranormal experiences like more synchronicity, archetypal or symbolic visions, telepathic experiences, feelings of spiritual presences, hearing sounds or voices that don't come from the outside world, and seeing things that aren't physically there.
A woman is praying to God in open field.
A woman is praying to God in open field.

Why Spiritual Awakening Happens

As your soul grows and develops through time, you may experience a spiritual awakening as a natural consequence. Our spiritual bond expands along with us as we mature.
Whether by chance or design, the more you communicate with your soul, the more your life will change. True and permanent happiness, serenity, contentment, freedom, and love may all be experienced to a greater extent when one comes to embody their soul.
The spiritual awakening process may be uncomfortable and even painful at first, but it will assist you in finding deeper significance in your life.
The feeling that nothing makes sense anymore is the result of having one's long-held assumptions, assumptions about oneself, and worldviews tested and, more often than not, disproven.
As painful as this experience is, it is an integral aspect of your growth. An individual's spiritual awakening may occur at any time. Life-threatening diseases, car accidents, divorces, war, midlife crises, and other traumatic events can all cause these episodes, which can happen on their own or along with other stresses.
The way you were born might also play a role in your awakening. It's possible that you're an ancient soul or a highly sensitive empath (individuals with these traits tend to be more "tuned in" to the spiritual dimension of existence).
In addition, some people's spiritual awakenings are set off by intense yet testing connections with their twin flames.


How To Trigger Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality must be experienced both practically and emotionally to be triggered. You can do the following:


Living in a continual hurry and barely completing everyday duties might cause you to lose touch with your inner self. It is important to set aside some time for oneself.
Take 10 minutes to meditate, whether it's early in the morning or late at night. Meditation is the only way to silence the mind and allow the soul to speak.


We are all aware that laughing is the most effective method of rehabilitation. But what does laughing have to do with spiritual awakening? Laughter, on the other hand, unburdens you and takes you far beyond the influence of your ego.
In truth, it is the remedy for the harm caused by your ego. Even in the darkest of situations, try to laugh because laughter causes the production of endorphins (happy hormones). It's important to laugh until your stomach hurts and enjoy everything that brings you joy.


Dance is most likely the most ancient enlightenment practice. Beyond our names, titles, and accomplishments, it is the ultimate representation of who we are. We enable our brains to remain in the present moment through dancing.
For a while, we lose ourselves in the rhythm and beat, forgetting who we are and allowing our spirits to fly. Close your eyes and let the music transport you to another world.

Exercise Gratitude

You may show your thanks in three ways. The first is to notice the positive things that happen to you. Each day, think of three things for which you are glad, or start a gratitude diary in which you will record the random acts of kindness that brightened your day.
The second is to relish the moments of appreciation; take a minute to reflect on what you are grateful for. The last one is to show sincere thanks to everything around you on a daily basis.

Spiritual Awakening Process (UNDERSTAND the JOURNEY)

Common Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

Following symptoms are often associated with a spiritual awakening:
  • Sad or traumatic experiences, such as the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one, are a typical trigger for people to begin a quest for meaning in their lives.
  • People (especially those who grew up in the West) feel empty inside because we live in a society that is repetitive and separates us from each other.
  • Being unwittingly exposed to higher energies might give us the unsettling impression of having contact with extraterrestrial feelings or even creatures, frequently leading us to question whether or not our lives are all there is.
  • When we make karmic connections with someone, it can be a big push for us to grow spiritually because they are connected to us from past lives.
  • Connected by fate as twin flames or soulmates, this mystical experience may inspire us to learn more about ourselves and the people around us.
  • The presence of the other side may be attested to through out-of-the-ordinary dreams, such as astral projection or nightmares. Even Hindu scriptures see dreams as a means of reaching Brahman.
  • Unexplainable but real, premonitions and clairvoyanceprovide glimpses into the future that might make us rethink our understanding of reality and the passage of time. We may be able to get beyond our present mentality if we follow this path.

Spiritual Awakening FAQs

What Causes Spiritual Awakening?

Life events, painful experiences, or even simply a general sense of unhappiness might serve as triggers for this kind of change. Sometimes, there is no obvious cause. Faster than you can blink an eye, it occurs.

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Awake?

Most people's awakenings occur gradually, like a process of spiritual alchemy. Loving light and blissful awareness are the hallmarks of a spiritually awakened person.

What Is An Example Of A Spiritual Awakening?

As you rid yourself of negative influences (behaviors, people, and ideas), you make room for more positive ones. You may be missing something essential to your happiness, but you haven't identified it yet. It's normal to have feelings of disorientation, confusion, and despair at this time.


A spiritual awakening isn't all love, light, meditation, and flowers, yet it is important for spiritual evolution and growth. Spiritual awakening is a life-changing event.
It frequently occurs as a result of a traumatic event in your life. If you seek for them, spiritual signals are all around us. You could feel more self-aware or as though your senses are being heightened.
It may be quite tough at times, particularly when you feel trapped and unable to move ahead, but it is something to embrace rather than fear.
Through spiritual rebirth, you will realize that the present is your genuine home and that the past and future have no place in it. Enjoy the feelings and sensations of today, meditate, laugh, get to know yourself, and learn how to be the awesome, beautiful you.
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