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What Is The Significance Of Strength Tarot Card Meaning In Love Readings?

Strength tarot card meaning also signifies a variety of other attributes related to your inner strength and determination. The Strength tarot card is clearly connected with strength and grit, as seen by its images and title.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Evelyn Adams
Jan 04, 2024
Strength tarot card meaningrepresents more than simply physical strength.
Strength tarot cardmeaning also signifies a variety of other attributes related to your inner strength and determination.
The Strength tarotcard is clearly connected with strength and grit, as seen by its images and title.
All of these characteristics, as well as the capacity to remain calm under pressure and work with people regardless of their flaws or inadequacies, combine to make you a powerful individual.
When this card occurs in your reading, it means that your love life, career, or relationships will require a lot of patience and perseverance.
Are you prepared to face the world in a protective cloak?
On the Strength Tarot card, a lady strokes a lion's head and mouth with her hands.
Despite the creature's ferocity, the lady has managed to calm it down with her calming, loving energy.
Because the strong lion is depicted on the Strength tarot card, we may deduce that it is also related to the Zodiac Leo.
The topic of this card is wielding authority without being domineering. It all boils down to tenacity, bravery, and patience.
Simply said, because Leo is ruled by the Sun, we are able to shine and show off our true skills and confidence.
Both the zodiac signLeo and the Sun are associated with the fire element.
When human strength and tenacity are put to use, wild impulses and primal emotions may be controlled in productive ways, as she demonstrated with her taming of the lion.
She doesn't use any kind of coercion or force to tame or control the lion; instead, she relies on her own strength of character.
Aside from the white robe, which symbolizes spiritual purity, the woman also wears a flower-adorned belt and crown, which represent nature's expression.
Her infinite potential and understanding are symbolized by the infinity symbol over her head.
King, Qeen, Ace, and Jack Cards on Black Table
King, Qeen, Ace, and Jack Cards on Black Table

Strength Tarot Card Upright Card Keywords

Strength tarot card meaning, like the Chariot, signifies strength, determination, and power.
The Chariot, on the other hand, represents exterior power and will; the Strength card, on the other hand, represents inner strength and the human spirit's capacity to conquer any barrier.
Knowing you can overcome life's challenges is a sign of strength.
You have a lot of stamina and perseverance, but you also have a lot of patience and inner serenity.
You're devoted to doing what you need to do, and you do it in a way that demonstrates your maturity and calmness.
You are powered by your inner strength, personal power, strong will, and tenacity when the Strength Tarot card emerges in a reading.
You don't try to dominate people; instead, you discreetly influence and convince them.
Others may underestimate your strength due to its "invisibility," but you should regard this as a benefit.
You may exert influence over a situation without using undue force. No one knows you're the one in charge.
Your strength offers you the courage to face any anxieties, obstacles, or uncertainties that arise.
Feel the fear and go for it! The Strength card inspires you to discover the strength inside yourself to endure if you have been going through a difficult period and are burnt out or worried. You have what it takes to bring this issue to a successful conclusion.
You're a dependable friend and a strong supporter who is eager to step in and help people in need, and you may feel obliged to hold space for someone who needs your strength and support.
The Strength card encourages you to harness your animal instincts, gut reactions, and raw emotions and use them effectively.
Anger, fury, despair, guilt, and humiliation are common emotions people experience in particular situations.
It's what you do with these feelings, though, that makes all the difference.
You must be aware of your natural needs and bring them into harmony with the greater good at this time.
This is not the time to be enraged or hateful. Approach your issue with forgiveness, love, and compassion in mind.
Working with a therapist might also assist you in developing coping mechanisms for whatever arises.
A Fortune Telling Session in Progress
A Fortune Telling Session in Progress

Strength Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

Strength tarot card meaning when reversed is ignoring their inner resources and allowing poor self-esteem, fear, and worry to control them.
They must tap into their confidence and drive to overcome issues since they possess the necessary strength but have lost touch with it.
This lack of interaction creates a sense of fragility, weakness, and insecurity.
The receiver should concentrate on the good aspects of life and spend time with positive people rather than negative individuals.
Strength reversed implies that emotional worries are interfering with the recipient's spiritual connection and that letting go of self-doubt or anxiety will assist in overcoming this.
For singletons, the card denotes a proclivity to pick the incorrect companions as a result of self-esteem or impulse control issues.
This may be overcome by learning to believe in yourself and reconnecting with your inner power.
When the Power Tarot card is reversed in a Tarot reading, it means you're not using your inner strength.
It shows that you are allowing fear, worry, or poor self-esteem to paralyze you rather than a lack of strength.
You must summon your inner drive and self-belief now more than ever to get yourself out of your current circumstances.
You have the strength to overcome your challenges.
You've just lost contact with it, and the resulting separation makes you feel weak, vulnerable, and insecure.
Concentrate on the positive, avoid those who make you feel insecure, and spend time with people who encourage you.
The card shows that, despite a good relationship, the receiver feels undeserving of it because of poor self-esteem, and as a result, they act in a way that does not represent their actual love for their partner.
It's critical that they grasp this so that they don't create problems that don't exist. On August 1, 2010, this entry was published.
Because anxiety or fear has been holding the receiver back, strength reversal emphasizes the necessity for confidence and self-belief in one's vocation.
When the receiver adopts their inner conviction, they will develop confidence and discover greater professional direction, which will attract the attention of others.
Strength reversal warns against financial impulsivity, stating that current financial riches may not endure.
When strength is reversed, it means that a lack of self-control can lead to the formation of undesirable habits, jeopardizing one's health.
To achieve cumulative positive change, the receiver should attack these habits one at a time.
Faceless fortune teller with textbook during divination process
Faceless fortune teller with textbook during divination process

Strength Tarot Card Meaning Love

The Strength card might represent a relationship in which one spouse helps the other cope with tough feelings.
It might be a symbol of a relationship in which one learns to trust again.
Compassion is generally always mentioned in conjunction with the Strength card when it comes to settling issues. Attempt to discover the source of a problem.
This card may also be used to catch and tame a wicked boy or girl! Of course, whether or not these people can be tamed has long been a point of contention.
Even so, the Strength card can occasionally be found symbolizing those sorts of connections.
When it comes to seeking love or making new acquaintances, strongly encourages you to keep looking. Do not give up. Continue to put yourself out there!

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning In Love

In a relationship reading, the Strength card reversed might represent fear or aggressive difficulties.
It's a hint that you should address any unresolved issues from the past that may be affecting your relationship.
To talk over your worries, establish a peaceful, judgment-free channel of contact. Keep an eye out for codependency issues, too.
You or your partner (and sometimes even friends) may be overly reliant on one another for assistance.
Start becoming more comfortable being on your own, depending on what this indicates in a reading.
It might sometimes imply that the dynamics of the relationship contain an element of hostility.
Of course, if there is physical violence or the threat of violent abuse, leave immediately.
If you're the one who can't seem to keep your cool, get some help. Unfortunately, we don't get a guidebook on how to deal with tough emotions.
This is exacerbated if we were exposed to them as children. It is tough, but not impossible, to break the pattern of abuse.
It's critical to speak with a professional about this.
When the strength card is reversed, it might also mean that a disagreement was handled incorrectly.
Perhaps you were too forthright, or perhaps you were too passive. If at all feasible, get a second chance.
Coming out and admitting you may have made a mistake or addressed the situation in haste may be enough to clear the air.
If it isn't possible, take this experience as a learning opportunity.

Strength Tarot Card Reading and Meaning

Strength Tarot Card Meaning Yes Or No

Yes is the meaning of the Strength tarot card when it is upright.
It is a very favorable card to pull in any scenario it relates to since it indicates confidence, strength, and courage.
When the strength card is reversed, it is best read as a 'no' answer to your inquiry.
It shows a lack of confidence that will take some time to overcome before you can go on with success.
The Strength tarot card represents 'yes' in love and relationships.
It suggests there are strong sentiments around this scenario, and your exuding confidence and independence are regarded to be highly appealing.

People Also Ask

Is The Strength Card A Good Card?

As far as cards go, the strength card is an excellent one. The Strength tarot card indicates a key to success in professional or financial reading. This is a powerful card to have on a leader's side.

What Does Strength Mean In Tarot Cards?

In tarot cards, strength denotes power, activity, courage, and magnanimity, as well as total success and honor.

What Does The Strength Tarot Card Mean In Yes Or No?

The Strength tarot card almost always represents a yes in a Yes or No Tarot reading.


The meaning of the Strength tarot card resembles the Magician card. The amazing power of this arcana is founded on profound inner harmony, just as it is in it.
If the magician's strength is the consequence of a peaceful connection of consciousness and subconsciousness, then this card's vigor, courage, and passion are expressions of a civilized person's balance with his animal nature.
This is mirrored in stories like the one about Gilgamesh's friendship with Enkidu, who was formerly his ruthless foe.
This card makes it obvious that our objective isn't to learn to disguise our inclinations behind a veneer of piety.
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