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Who Are The Clairvoyants?

The clairvoyants are those who have or profess to have the force of seeing items or activities past the scope of regular vision.

Author:Matteo Caraveta
Reviewer:Evelyn Adams
Jan 12, 2024
The clairvoyantsare those who have or profess to have the force of seeing items or activities past the scope of regular vision.
A person who is a master ofclairvoyance magiccan tell you the future, the past, and all you want to know.
The Clairvoyantsis an Austrian entertainer and mentalist group. They have been performing together start around 2011. They wrapped runner-up to Grace VanderWaal on season 11 of America's Got Talent.
A close up shot of the clairvoyants couple
A close up shot of the clairvoyants couple

The Clairvoyants

Thommy and Amélie are The Clairvoyants' names.
They're customary people, very much like you.
Everybody has their concept of how the clairvoyants tell what's to come. Some accept the couple has been conferred with an enchanted gift.
Be that as it may, some mentalists who know how to guess thoughts accept Thommy and Amélie are simply utilizing mental psyche stunts they read from a book, and a few doubters with no other clarification guarantee The Clairvoyants aren't from another planet.
They're from Austria.

How Do The Clairvoyants On AGT Perform It?

The Clairvoyants is an Austrian pair with an exceptional association. Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass are their genuine names. They took off to global notoriety subsequent to performing on the eleventh time of America's Got Talent, where they completed a great second in the finale.
The team got overwhelming applause from every one of the three NBC judges; Mel B, Heidi Klum, scowlin' Simon Cowell - whose Mastercard information Amélie knew — went as far as to offer them an energetic Simon go-ahead.
Yet, virtual mentalists like The Clairvoyants dazzle, not just Simon Cowell. In 2014, The Clairvoyants accepted their most memorable long-haul contract in the show "The Illusionarium."
After their half-year run in the American show, they were offered an included spot in the biggest visiting sorcery show on the planet - "The Illusionists".
In October 2016 the pair showed up, along with champ Grace Vanderwaal, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
In 2017, The Magic Castle Hollywood and the Academy of Magical Arts granted title holders Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass "Stage Magicians of the Year 2016" for their momentous workmanship.
For work, The Clairvoyants actually perform mentalism in functions, journey ships, and corporate occasions in Las Vegas as well as around the world.
Notwithstanding, there may truly be certain individuals who have this capacity to see the future with clearness.
What's more intriguing is the number of these visionary strategies that should be visible in different parts of life or even ordinary articles from around your home!
So read on for understanding how the purported "the clairvoyants" could possibly add something extra to your past, present, and future by noticing you while never talking a word.

Are Magic Tricks Of The Clairvoyants On AGT Fake?

A few watchers of America's Got Talent here and there blame the show for apparatus the stunts by utilizing camera stunt help and plants in the crowd. In any case, watchers in America are losing track of what's most important with their apathetic allegations.
AGT judges have not been informed of the technique for the demonstrations.
Involving plants in the crowd — a simple clarification even a little youngster would consider — is an illogical strategy for proficient stage performers. Envision expecting to place plants in the crowd before each show. On the off chance that you're searching for the insider facts in the crowd, you're never going to observe any on America's Got Talent.
A close up shot of 'the clairvoyants' couple
A close up shot of 'the clairvoyants' couple

How Do The Clairvoyants Perform Their Tricks?

Their mentalism is the subject of the clairvoyants AGT shows and their personal shows. In the wake of perusing The Intuitive Way, Amelie appeared to can peruse others' considerations. She can possibly share things that she could never know about. Their staggering mentalist dreamsgive the watcher an extraordinary mentalistic — even otherworldly inclination.
Interesting is the individual who has a weak mystic capacity. Significantly more interesting is that mystic capacity that is adequately solid to perform live in front of an audience before millions.
In all honesty, the Clairvoyants really have stunts at their disposal. The most ideal way to let know if a "clairvoyant" is utilizing a psychic is to ask yourself:
"Is this psychicin showbusiness?"
In the event that the response is "Yes," the individual is utilizing deceit (for amusement, clearly).
An individual who knows the considerations of outsiders and realizes the future picks an alternate vocation way.
Consider it. Assuming you awakened and abruptly knew what others were thinking — and you can see the future - 's your thought process?
On the off chance that you woke with such a superpower, you wouldn't think.
I will take this superpower and build a 10 or 20-minute demonstration, clean the demonstration, think of a couple of jokes to sprinkle into the full-length show, work on my timing, realize every one of the intricate details of showbusiness, and present the following up on stage in an engaging way.

Magic World Champions

There is a fine line between AGT magician finalists and what's real/fake when it comes to the world of magic. So be wary about believing everything you see from magicians. For example, the Clairvoyants are famous for their psychic abilities. But now you know that they use trickery as well.
But it doesn't stop there!
Mentalism is a form of magic. For example, an entertainer uses mentalism techniques like cold reading, hot reading, and sleight of hand to create illusions such as mind-reading or predicting future events.

Watch ‘The Clairvoyants’ from ‘America’s Got Talent’ Dazzle TODAY Talent and Fans

The Clairvoyants FAQs

Where Are The Clairvoyants Now?

As of September sixteenth, 2021, Thommy and Amélie are at present playing out their Las Vegas America residency with America's Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Are The Clairvoyants Performing In Las Vegas?

“We are super thrilled performing back live on AGT this August and headlining the AGT Vegas show for 1 year!” ” Amélie van Tass explained. “This is the biggest step in our career and we are ready to welcome our Vegas audience!”


Have you ever gone to a show of the clairvoyants? Did you follow them in AGT 2016? What are your thoughts on their clairvoyance magic? Do let us know in the comment section below.
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