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What Are The Topics To Chat With A Teenage Girl On Whatsapp? Check Here

Looking for Topics to Chat with a Teenage Girl on WhatsApp? Discover relatable and engaging topics that spark interesting conversations and build connections.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Calvin Penwell
Oct 11, 2023
Finding topics to chat with a teenage girl on WhatsAppcan be challenging and rewarding. Communication plays a crucial role in building trust and strengthening relationships with adolescents. In today's digital age, platforms like WhatsAppprovide an opportunity for meaningful and engaging conversations.

Chat With A Teenage Girl On WhatsApp - Connecting Through Common Interests

In human interaction, few things are as universally powerful as common interests. They act as bridges, connecting people across different backgrounds, ages, and cultures. When chatting with a teenage girl on WhatsApp, finding common interests can be the key to building a solid and lasting connection.
Common interests are like magnets, drawing people closer together. They create a sense of belonging and make conversations flow naturally. For teenagers, who are often self-disclosed and forming their identities, discovering someone who shares their interests can be incredibly exciting and reassuring.

Breaking The Ice

One of the most significant challenges in initiating a conversation, whether in person or online, is breaking the ice. Common interests provide an excellent starting point. When you know you both love a particular book series, hobby, or sport, it's much easier to open up and start a conversation. You can begin with simple questions like, "Have you read the latest book in that series?" or "What do you enjoy most about playing that sport?"

Fostering Deeper Connections

As conversations evolve, common interests serve as the foundation for building deeper connections. You can delve into more profound discussions, share experiences, and exchange ideas when you're both passionate about something. It's an opportunity to learn from each other and gain new perspectives.

Creating Shared Experiences

Common interests also enable you to create shared experiences, even miles apart. For example, if you both enjoy a particular TV show, you can watch episodes simultaneously and chat about them afterward. This shared activity strengthens your bond and gives you something to look forward to together.
Boy in Yellow Crew Neck T-shirt Holding Tablet
Boy in Yellow Crew Neck T-shirt Holding Tablet

How To Discover Common Interests

Now that you understand the importance of shared interests let's explore some strategies for discovering them when chatting with a teenage girl on WhatsApp:

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Begin the conversation by asking open-ended questions about her hobbies and interests. For instance, "What do you enjoy doing in your free time?" or "Tell me about your favorite activities."

Share Your Interests

Be open about your hobbies and passions. She might feel comfortable sharing her interests when you express your enthusiasm.

Listen Actively

Please pay close attention to what she mentions during your conversations. If she talks about a book she's reading or a movie she recently watched, take note of it. These clues can lead you to discover common interests.

Explore Multiple Topics

Don't limit your conversations to a single topic. Explore various subjects and see where your interests align. It might be a shared love for a particular genre of music or a mutual fascination with a specific sport.

Be Curious And Respectful

When she shares her interests, be genuinely curious and respectful. If you're unfamiliar with a particular hobby, ask questions to learn more about it. Showing interest in her passions is a gesture of respect.
Person Holding White Smartphone on White Table
Person Holding White Smartphone on White Table

Starters Topics To Chat With A Teenage Girl On WhatsApp

What makes a female unique, her emotions, interests and hobbies, humor and jokes, romance, goals, and successes are the main things to discuss with her on WhatsApp. The subjects you discuss on WhatsApp with a lady will mostly depend on how you feel about her and your goals. Do you prefer to date or hang out with friends?
It would help if you got to know her and read what she says. Talking about subjects other than the two of you can only result in flimsy arguments and weak discussions, which takes the fun out of spending time together. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


A fantastic method to get to know one another is to talk about your hobbies and the talents you both like learning. Additionally, if you do have a shared interest, you can always talk about it.

Favorite Childhood Memories

Both of you will grin when you are overcome with nostalgia. Additionally, it gives your discussion additional depth and makes it remembered.

Life Goals

Knowing her goals for her job and future ambitions is crucial for building a relationship with her. You may deduce her priorities and areas of enthusiasm from this.

Places You Both Have Traveled

You will share many tales as you become friends over your passion for travel. Doing this lets you communicate about your experiences, friends, and what you enjoy and detest about the world.


Share everything with her, from your favorite songs to those you can't tolerate, and ask her for her list. This opens the door for further talks that take the shape of playlist sharing.

Travel Wish List

Everybody has a fantasy place they'd want to go to. Ask her about hers and the activities she most looks forward to doing.

People You Admire

Discussing the role models you both look up to is a straightforward method to learn about the traits she values in others and aspires to cultivate in herself.

Your Week

This simple subject develops naturally as you discuss your day's specifics. Give her the whole story, including workplace disputes and the hidden hiking trail you discovered.

Movies You Have Just Seen

This one is another subject where you can always have things to say. Exchanging movie evaluations, you may experience the world through one other's viewpoints.

A Running Social Media Trend

Trends may be amusing, whether you love them or despise them. You may talk about innovative commercials that companies have produced or share some of the funniest social media challenges you have seen with one another.

Challenge You Overcame

She would like you more if you were honest with her about yourself. You could discover a comparable strength in each other by discussing your hardships.

Ask About Her Family

Inquire about her siblings, her favorite parent, her upbringing, and her relationship with her family. You may learn more about how she connects with others by asking these questions.

A New Restaurant

You may talk about new establishments that have come online in your city. You might always arrange to go together if the idea of a new restaurant in town appeals to both of you.
Whatsapp Application Screenshot
Whatsapp Application Screenshot

Funny Topics To Chat With A Girl On WhatsApp Over Text

You want to create an excellent first impression when you message a female for the first time. But standard greetings like "Hey" or "How are you?" won't make you stand out from the pack. There are many amusing, intelligent ways to start a conversation, whether texting or conversing in person.

A Silly Question Can Make Her Smile And Keep The Conversation Going

Start the conversation with a lighthearted but challenging question that makes her think deeply. Then, follow the discussion to see where it leads!
  • The question "Would you rather stay in a mansion with your worst enemy or live in a crappy apartment with your best friend?" might result in an amusing, engaging discussion.
  • Would you rather have two noses or only one eye? "Would you prefer to snack on an entire lemon or a raw potato?" might also be entertaining conversation starters.

This Unlikely Scenario Is Sure To Bring On The Laughs

If zombies ever take over the world, ask her about her escape plans and survival techniques. Then, tell her about your strategy for surviving. You'll laugh a lot together as you point out the glaring problems and shortcomings of one other's methods.
  • Imagine the zombie apocalypse began tomorrow, you may say. How will you manage to survive?
  • Another excellent question is, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how screwed are you if the zombie apocalypse starts?"

Puns And Jokes Are An Iconic, Memorable Way To Stand Out From The Crowd

Try to include a pun or joke in your first message to see how she reacts. If she thinks your puns are clever enough, continue using them in your subsequent communications. She could even get involved in the fun; who knows!
  • "My roommate told me he was going to a costume party dressed as an island," you may remark. 'Don't be Sicily,' I said.
  • One corny joke you may tell is, "How do you convince a bear to climb out of a tree? Camembert!"
Person in White Holding Black Smartphone
Person in White Holding Black Smartphone

Interesting Topics To Talk With A Girl

Many things might spark exciting conversations with your sweetheart. Here are some engaging conversation starters to bring up with your crush so they look forward to speaking with you.

If You Were To Have One Superpower For A Day, What Would It Be?

The subject may provide fresh, entertaining conversation starters for you and your crush. You two may talk about other activities you can accomplish together and share your goals for being superheroes.

Do You Have A Secret Talent That Nobody Knows Of?

Your crush may be interested in chatting with you if they share this. Ask them to share some of their poems with you if they claim to be a poet. This gives you a reason to continue conversing with them.

If You Woke Up As The Opposite Sex Tomorrow, What Would You Do?

It is a perennial conversation starter that will make your crush grin. Ask this question to get some fascinating perspectives from the opposite sex. You can participate in the conversation and provide your ideas.

Which Is Your Favorite Drink?

You might use this question to convert a query into a date automatically. One of the most popular topics of talk with a crush is this. According to their response, you may invite them out on a date to a bar. You will like exploring new areas if your tastes in drinks are compatible.

Which Book Changed Your Life?

You might enquire whether your admirer enjoys reading books by using this question. If your sweetheart is a reader, talking about books is a surefire conversation starter.

What Would You Do If You Were To Win The Lottery?

Asking your crush this question can help you understand their priorities. They could wish to use the funds for future investments or to go shopping. Now it's up to you to consider what you would do if you won the lotto since you could also have to respond.

Topics To Chat With A Teenage Girl On Whatsapp FAQs

How Can I Initiate A Conversation Based On Shared Interests?

Start by asking open-ended questions about her hobbies and interests. For example, you can inquire, "What are your favorite activities in your free time?" or "Tell me about something you're passionate about."

What If We Need To Have Obvious Common Interests?

Don't worry if you don't initially share apparent common interests. Explore various topics and ask questions about her claims. You might discover unexpected connections as the conversation progresses.

Can Sharing My Interests Help In Discovering Common Ground?

Absolutely! Sharing your hobbies and passions can create opportunities for her to share hers. It can also make you more relatable and approachable in the conversation.

How Can I Show Genuine Interest In Her Hobbies Even If I'm Not Familiar With Them?

Ask questions to learn more about her interests: express curiosity and a willingness to understand. Even if you're unfamiliar with a particular hobby, showing a genuine interest in her passions can strengthen your connection.

How Can I Approach A Conversation About Future Goals And Aspirations Without Making It Too Serious?

To keep it light, you can ask her about her dream job or what she wants to achieve in the next few years. Share your aspirations and dreamsto make it a more relatable and engaging discussion.

What's The Best Way To Discuss Travel And Adventure Topics On WhatsApp?

You can ask her about her dream travel destinations or recent adventures. Share your travel stories and ask if she has any upcoming trips planned.

What Creative Ways To Connect Over Food And Culinary Adventures On WhatsApp?

Share your favorite recipes, ask her about her go-to comfort food, or discuss the best restaurants in your area. You can even plan virtual cooking sessions where you both try cooking the same dish and share your results.

What's A Fun And Lighthearted Way To End A Chat Conversation On WhatsApp?

Ending a conversation with "Would you rather" questions is a great way to keep it light and entertaining. Ask playful questions like, "Would you rather have the ability to time travel or read minds?"

How Can I Ensure That Our Whatsapp Conversations Remain Respectful And Enjoyable?

To maintain a respectful and enjoyable conversation, be attentive, avoid controversial topics, and respect her boundaries. Show genuine interest in what she says, and remember that a healthy discussion involves active listening and mutual respect.


Finding topics to chat with a teenage girl on WhatsApp can be an enriching experience. When you choose topics that resonate with her interests and values, remember to be respectful, empathetic, and genuinely interested in what she has to say.
Building a strong connection through meaningful conversations can lead to a lasting friendship and a deeper understanding of each other's lives. So, the next time you pick up your phone to send a message, consider these engaging topics to keep the conversation flowing smoothly and joyfully.
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