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How Can You Turn Venus In Retrograde Into Positive Energy?

The comeback of former lovers is the phenomenon most often connected to venus in retrograde or any retrograde, actually. If you get a message or run into someone, remember that this was only a memory from the past.

Author:Evelyn Adams
Reviewer:Mia Thompson
Jan 03, 2024
The comeback of former lovers is the phenomenon most often connected to venus in retrogradeor any retrograde, actually. If you get a message or run into someone, remember that this was only a memory from the past. There may not be anything else. Or it could be a chance to welcome a fresh viewpoint and find solace from a previous sorrow. You'll probably need to handle unresolved difficulties in your present relationships in some way.
Keep your feet on the ground and behave logically and in accordance with your inner guidance. Venus in retrograde motion may provide an opportunity to commit to a brand-new relationship. Apply as much self-awareness as you are able to. Be true to who you are. In the same way, try to identify the person in front of you rather than simply assuming they are who you think they are.

Venus In Retrograde Effects

People who are already in committed relationships can find themselves in a heated argument when feelings wane and issues develop or, as is so often the case reappears. Even while it may seem uncomfortable at the moment, Venus in retrogrades might be the ideal time to discuss long-held love insecurities so that you can return to the business of loving with clarity and assurance.
Others may find that the Venus retrograde evaluations highlight significant red flags that ultimately spell the end of love. Even while the actual separation may be difficult, in the future, with the advantage of hindsight, you may see that your relationship was tense because of a difference in values that was simmering under the surface.
After the retrograde, there is a higher chance that you will find the ideal relationship since you will have a better idea of what you need and, maybe, what you cannot live without.
Brown Venus In Sky
Brown Venus In Sky

Is Venus In Retrograde Bad Luck?

It's not too horrible that Venus is in retrograde. It's a period for introspection and figuring out what kind of connections you desire. Looking backward at relationships has its charm because it may help you develop more empathy and understanding.
Make a promise to yourself that you won't make any rash or firm choices on love during this retrograde (and other Venusian things). Take it slow and wait until the Earth has finished its backward dance before deciding what's best for you.

Tips For What To Do When Venus Is In Retrograde

Here are some suggestions on what to do and what you should never do.

Reflect On Past Relationships

Because Venus desires things and wants to materialize things, and venus is a reminder of the sacrifice, hard effort, and honesty with oneself that's actually necessary to achieve that, there is a little amount of natural tension with Venus traveling through Capricorn.
This transit will thus force you to think back on what you've learned about your value in relationships and whatever temporary compromises you may need to make in order to get the love and fulfilling partnerships you deserve.

Retrograde Venus and Intimacy in Astrology (KRS-Vlogs)

Allow Yourself To Seek Closure In Relationships With Care And Integrity

Resuming contact with a former lover or acquaintance is not strictly forbidden during Venus retrograde, provided that doing so promotes significant personal development. If someone is reaching out to you or you are reaching out to them, maybe there is a genuine need for Capricorn-like closure and self-accountability that has to be fulfilled in order for you both to move ahead and lay the groundwork for the next eight-year Venus cycle.

People Also Ask

What Signs Will Be Affected By The Venus Retrograde?

During this retrograde, your interpersonal interactions are probably going to become more intense.

Is Venus Retrograde A Good Thing?

Yes, Venus retrograde is a fortunate opportunity for growth and illumination.

Are There Any Signs That Will Be Affected By Venus Retrograde?

You'll probably experience this transit's intensity the greatest if you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.


Love and money-related concerns may appear to stall, dry up, or run cold while Venus in retrograde. It is not unusual to have relationship difficulties that seem insurmountable when Venus is in retrograde.
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