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What Does Dreams Of Water Mean?

People often dream about water, and think what does dreams of water mean. Of all the things that can show up in dreams, water seems to be the most common sign of thoughts and feelings that are deep down. Jonah was in the water when he was eaten by a fish. Noah built an ark to protect himself and his family from the flood.

Author:Evelyn Adams
Reviewer:Mia Thompson
Jul 17, 2023
People often dream about water, and think what does dreams of water mean?Of all the things that can show up in dreams, water seems to be the most common signof thoughts and feelings that are deep down. Jonah was in the water when he was eaten by a fish. Noah built an ark to protect himself and his family from the flood.
Water is an important part of many works of art, writing, and myths. People often worry about drowning as a way to die, but they also need to drink water to stay alive and healthy. Is it any wonder that water shows up in our fears and dreams?

The Symbolic Power Of Water

In dreams, water in all its different forms has a lot to say. It is often linked to feelings, the unconscious mind, and perception. When water shows up in our dreams, it can be like a mirror that shows us our inner wishes, fears, and lingering feelings.

The Flowing River Of Emotions

Rivers in dreams often show how our feelings change as our lives go on. A river that is calm and peaceful is a sign of mental security and inner peace. On the other hand, a rushing river may be a sign of mental trouble or a feeling of being too much.

The Vast Ocean Of The Unconscious

With its huge size and unknown depths, the ocean is a good metaphor for the vastness of the unconscious mind. When we dream about the ocean, it's often a sign that we're in touch with our inner selves and our deepest wishes or fears. Whether the ocean is calm or wild, it can give us clues about how we feel and what problems we may be facing.

The Healing Powers Of Water

In dreams, water can also mean healing and starting over. Taking a bath or going for a swim in clear water could mean that you need to clean up on a mental or spiritual level. In the same way, standing under a waterfall can mean that you want to let go of your feelings and start over.

What Does Dreams Of Water Mean - Meaning And Interpretation

The body of water in your dream can change what it means. Other elements, like what kind of water is in the dream, should also be thought about. Are there other things going on? In your dream, how did you deal with the water? These are just a few of the most important things to know about your dreams about water. You should always try to remember these important things as much as possible.

Tailored To Prosper

Everyone knows that water keeps everything alive. You, the other animals, and even the trees around you all need water to live. In other words, water is what makes life possible so that living things can live, grow, and thrive.
If you dream of water, it could mean that you are also ready to do well in real life. It could mean that you are doing well in your personal life, your work life, or both.

Start Of A New Beginning

Since water is used to clean, seeing it in a dream could mean that you are about to get a new start. Think about a used, dirty plate. When you wash it with water, it gets clean and looks like new again.
You are the plate, and your dream could be telling you that you can start over no matter what mistakes you have made in the past. If someone has been telling you what to do for a long time, why not try to take charge this time and decide for yourself?

Suppressed Emotions

The feelings you have been hiding for a long time may also show up in your dreams as water. Fear could be the reason why you don't show how you feel. You are afraid to show how you feel because you are afraid that the people you care about will leave you or use you.
Person Washing His Hand
Person Washing His Hand

Common Scenarios Of Dreams About Water

Water shows up in dreams in many different ways, and each one has its meaning. Understanding what kind of water you see in your dreams can help you figure out what they mean.

Dreaming About Falling Into Water

When you think that you fall into the water, it means that you have a lot of worries. This could be about you, your job, or your connections. If you let your fears control you, they can hurt your physical and mental health.
So you should start taking care of them right away. In the same way, the dream could be about being afraid of the unknown. Maybe you can't handle how you feel or how things are going in your life. And now you don't know what will happen to you in the future.

Dreaming Of Driving Into Water

If you think that you drive into water, it means you've lost control. You may be in a situation with no way out. If so, we want you to keep going. Keep your spirits up and keep looking for an answer. Things will work out for you in the end.
When you're feeling stressed out, you might also see yourself driving into a river. That means you can't control how you feel and it's making you crazy.

Dreaming Of A Car Sinking In Water

If you dream about a car slowly sinking into the water, it means that you're having some problems in life that may seem small right now, but if you let them grow, they could become bigger problems in the future.
If the car is falling into dirty water, it's a sign that something is wrong, and if you're not careful, you could get hurt.

Dreaming About Water Overflowing

If you dream that water is spilling from a sink, tub, or river, it could mean that you have a lot of stress, worry, and fear. The dream could be telling you that you've reached your limit and that your feelings are "overflowing."
The overflow could also show up as constant panic attacks or mental breakdowns when you are awake. If you have this kind of dream, you should take a break from everything and talk to a professional.

Dreaming Of Clearwater

If you dream of clear water, this is a good sign. It's a sign of mental calm or clarity. You're in good physical, mental, and emotional health. You're always working to reach your goals, and both your personal and business lives are going well.
On the other hand, it could mean that you want to see things clearly when you're awake. There's a good chance you're having trouble in your relationship and want to talk about it. That would help you find peace inside and keep your emotions in check.

Dreaming Of Dirty Water

If you think about dirty water, it's a warning sign. It means that your bad energy or thoughts are causing trouble in your personal and work life.
It's time to stop being so negative because that's what's causing most of your problems. If you look at life more positively, things will change for the better.

Dreaming Of Drinking Water

When you drink water in a dream, it means that you are spiritually clean and complete. You've been working on your faith, and now you're happy with where you are. You have also reached mental unity and made sure that everything in your waking life is in perfect balance.
Continually drinking water is a sign of good luck, financial health, and success at work.
A man wearing glasses drinking a glass of water.
A man wearing glasses drinking a glass of water.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Of Water

If you dream about water, it could mean that your spiritual life is about to change. Water can be seen as a sign of many things, including the unconscious, the feminine, and the depths of the mind.
Some people think that water can be used to help trigger lucid dreaming, astral projection, or remote viewing because it is a good carrier of mental energy. However, as we'll see below, there isn't much scientific proof that it can help with lucid dreaming.
Since water in a dream often stands for feelings, it is often seen as a way to show how you feel about your faith or your spiritual journey. People think of water as the source of life because we need rain, lakes, rivers, streams, and seas.
But water also helps carry our emotions, so if you are feeling stressed or have a lot of strong feelings, it can have a spiritual value.
If you dream about water, it could mean that you are ignoring or denying the wealth of life. It can also mean feeling like you don't have enough, being too busy, or being helpless and out of control.

Water Dreams Meaning In Different Cultures

Dreams have always been interesting to people, and we often think about what they mean. Water is one of the themes that keep coming up in dreams. Whether it looks like calm waves, a fierce storm, or a peaceful lake, water can show a wide range of feelings and represent different parts of our subconscious thoughts.
This piece goes deep into the meaning of dreams to answer the interesting question, "What does it mean to dream of water?" We look at how water dreams are interpreted in different cultures around the world.

Water Dreams In Western Culture

In the Western world, water is often linked to feelings, faith, and cleanliness. Different cultures have different ideas about what water dreams mean based on their views and experiences. Here are some popular ways of looking at it.
In Christianity, dreams about water can have important meanings. For example, if you dream that water is splitting or that you are walking on water, it could mean that you are beating problems or that God is helping you. Dreams about baptism can mean a spiritual rebirth or the need to clean up your spirit.

Water Dreams In Eastern Culture

In dreams, water can mean different things in different Eastern countries. Let's study some different views. In Chinese society, water represents the flow of energy, feelings, and wealth. People believe that dreaming of clear, clean water is a sign of good luck, peace, and plenty. But dirty or rough water can be a sign of problems or mental turmoil that needs to be dealt with.

What does Water dream meaning | Dreaming of Water | Water dream interpretation

Indigenous And Tribal Perspectives

Indigenous cultures all over the world have different spiritual beliefs and practices that shape how they understand water dreams. Here are just a few. Native American tribes often see water as a holy element that represents cleansing, feelings, and spiritual link.
Some people think that dreams about water are signsfrom the dead or ghosts. For example, seeing a river in your dream could represent the trip of life and how important it is to just go with the flow.
Water is linked to life, childbirth, and divine forces in many African societies. If you dream of water, it may be telling you something about your spiritual fate or your link to your ancestors. If you dream of a calm river or swimming in clear water, it could mean that you are being protected and blessed on a spiritual level.

People Also Ask

How Does A Calm And Tranquil River Symbolize Emotions In Dreams?

A calm and tranquil river signifies emotional stability and a sense of inner peace.

What Does The Ocean Represent In Dreams?

The ocean represents the vast expanse of the unconscious mind and reflects our connection with our inner selves and hidden desires or fears.

What Does The Water In Dreams Symbolize In Terms Of Healing And Renewal?

Water in dreams can symbolize the need for emotional or spiritual cleansing, as well as a desire for emotional release and a fresh start.


What does dreams of water mean? As we wrap up, dreams about water can mean different things to different people. But most dreams about water show how we feel emotionally. They point to the feelings we feel when we're awake, like happiness, sadness, fear, anger, or joy.
These dreams also show ideas like change, cleansing, and starting over. In faith, seeing water in a dream means feminine energy, healing, peace, and a way to get to other worlds. So, we hope you've learned something from this guide. Tell us in the comments if you have any questions.
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