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Why Kansas City Is The Best Place To Live?

In this article, you will delve into the myriad reasons why Kansas City is the best place to live. From its thriving job market and affordable cost of living to its rich cultural scene and vibrant neighborhoods, Kansas City offers a high quality of life that draws residents and newcomers alike.

Author:Mia Thompson
Reviewer:Calvin Penwell
Nov 17, 2023
Kansas City, often lovingly referred to as the "Heart of America," stands as a shining example of what makes a city great to call home. Nestled right in the heart of the United States, it boasts a unique blend of culture, history, economic opportunity, and a strong sense of community.
In this article, you will delve into the myriad reasons why Kansas City is the best place to live. From its thriving job market and affordable cost of living to its rich cultural scene and vibrant neighborhoods, Kansas City offers a high quality of life that draws residents and newcomers alike.

Kansas City - The Geographical Crossroads Of America

The geographical location of Kansas City plays a crucial role in its significance and importance. Positioned in the American Midwest, Kansas City's location is advantageous for several reasons:

Central Geographical Position

Kansas City is strategically located near the geographic center of the United States. This central position has significant implications for the city's role in transportation, logistics, and distribution. It serves as a pivotal point for the efficient movement of goods and people throughout the country, reducing transit times and transportation costs.

Transportation Hub

The city's central location has made it a major transportation hub. It is intersected by critical interstate highways, including I-35 and I-70, which connect it to both the East and West Coasts and the Canadian and Mexican borders. This network of highways facilitates the easy movement of freight and enhances the city's accessibility for travelers. Moreover, Kansas City's extensive railway infrastructure further solidifies its role as a transportation center.


Kansas City has earned the nickname "The City of Fountains" due to its abundance of beautiful fountains. But it could also be called "The City of Rails" because it is a critical rail transportation center. The city's prominence in the rail industry stems from its location as a crossroads of major rail lines that connect the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Gulf of Mexico. This connectivity contributes to the city's role as a transportation and distribution hub.

Air Transportation

Kansas City International Airport (MCI) is one of the nation's major airports, facilitating domestic and international air travel. Its central location allows for easy access to a broad range of destinations, making it a convenient choice for travelers and businesses alike.

Distribution And Logistics

Businesses often choose Kansas City as a distribution center due to its central location and excellent transportation infrastructure. This decision enables companies to reach customers across the country efficiently. The city's logistics and distribution industry plays a pivotal role in the movement of goods and the national supply chain.

Business Attraction

Kansas City's central location also makes it attractive to businesses looking to establish regional or national headquarters. The accessibility to other major cities and markets is a compelling factor for companies seeking to streamline their operations and distribution networks.

Trade And Commerce

The city's location as a crossroads for transportation and distribution also supports international trade and commerce. Kansas City's ability to efficiently handle and move goods contributes to its role in the global supply chain.
Beautiful View Of City Full Of Lights
Beautiful View Of City Full Of Lights

Why Kansas City Is The Best Place To Live - Reasons

For those who like the sensation of a "big city," Kansas metropolis strikes the ideal mix between beautiful plains and prairies. It is complete with business conveniences, but it also has plenty of parks and family-friendly areas. Its vibrant culture and multicultural population will undoubtedly make you feel at home, not to mention the delicious barbecue that is available wherever you walk. Are you thinking about relocating to the Sunflower State of the nation? These are some justifications for following through!


Kansas City has a ton of parks and other places to play! More than 220, precisely. For months to come, your family will have locations to explore. There are many playgrounds for your kids to play on, parks downtown, and fountains around Kansas City. Find the ideal park or trail for your family by looking through Kansas City's Best Parks and trails! From Kansas City, there are attractive locations for day trips and weekend excursions.

The Weather

Although there are some unseasonably warm spells in the summer and winter, the weather is often pretty pleasant. Given that the metro region is situated on the fringe of Tornado Alley, spring does bring rain and intense storms. There are often flash floods. The winters are windy, dry, and chilly, while the summers are hot, humid, and humid. Kansas City is for you if you like a diverse climate.

Excellent Housing Options

Are you a senior trying to find somewhere to live out your last years? No worries; Kansas offers a large selection of secure senior housing options. Are you looking for a haven away from the bustle of the city center, yet not too far? The opulent apartments in Kansas City cover you, so don't worry. Choose from a variety of floor plans, including a studio or a three-bedroom layout ideal for small families.

Low Cost Of Living

This vibrant city stands out for having a cheap cost of living when compared to other American cities. Compared to the average median cost of other states, costs for housing, food, healthcare, and other necessities are comparatively less. In addition, the local property tax rate of 0.99% is affordable compared to the 1.19% national average. If you want to own real estate, you should do it here since only a few cities have such a cheap property tax rate.

Friendly Folks

Even though Kansas is a metropolis, the friendly Midwestern warmth is abundant! There is a lot of goodwill in the community, and you can anticipate warm greetings and waving from locals wherever you go. Furthermore, Kansas City is home to a diversified population. African Americans and white people make up the bulk of the city's population. Additionally, there are sizable Sudanese and Irish-American populations.

Exciting Attractions

Fearing you have nothing to do for your children? There is much in Kansas City for everyone, so don't worry. The good news is that your opulent Kansas City apartments are conveniently close to entertainment. For the young at heart as well as the scientific enthusiasts, there's music, animals, science, and vintage toys to enjoy.

Thriving Art Scene

The arts are the foundation of Kansas City's vibrant culture, which continues to this day. From the visual treasures at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to the creative performances at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, it contains every work of art that art fans could ever want. Throughout the year, make sure to attend the well-attended events honoring the community's artistic culture. There's the Brookside Art Annual, the Plaza Art Fair, and First Friday's sight and sound of the Crossroads.
People Standing Outside Building
People Standing Outside Building

The Barbecue

Barbecue made with carefully smoked pork from Kansas City is well-known for satisfying palates and desires. There are over a hundred restaurants that serve Kansas City-style barbecue, each with a distinct flair and flavor. Furthermore, Kansas City is home to a number of well-known BBQ competitions, including the Great Lenexa Barbecue Battle and the American Royal World Series of BBQ.
There are many different opinions on where to get the most incredible barbecue. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que is located next to the opulent Westwood apartments in Kansas City. Perhaps those of Arthur Bryant, Q39, and Jack Stack.

Job Market

You could not be farther from the truth if you fear that this "rural" Kansas community would never provide you with employment opportunities. Jobs in research, technology, healthcare, social work, finance, and insurance are all very well represented in this list of open positions. Actually, Kansas was placed number two on CNN's list of the Top 10 Cities for Jobs. The city's top-earning sectors for those looking to make their fortune in business include manufacturing, retail, construction, health care, and agriculture.

Quick Commutes

Surprisingly, despite Kansas City's millions of amiable residents, there is seldom any traffic. Due to the large area covered by the metropolitan region, commuting is easier and faster. In addition, the city is surrounded by four states, making it simple to get there and requiring little time for commuters who like traveling. Furthermore, upscale apartments in Kansas City are located in handy areas like Westwood. One advantage of living on the outskirts of downtown Kansas City is that you may enjoy the tranquility of a country lifestyle while being close to the city's commercial services.

Why Kansas City Is The Best Place To Live - FAQs

What Is The Job Market Like In Kansas City?

Kansas City boasts a thriving job market with a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, and manufacturing. The city is home to major corporations and offers numerous career opportunities.

What Cultural Attractions Does Kansas City Offer?

Kansas City is rich in cultural attractions, with world-class museums like the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the American Jazz Museum. The city's deep connection to jazz music, along with vibrant performing arts venues, adds to its cultural allure.

What Sports Teams Are Based In Kansas City?

Kansas City is home to notable sports teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Kansas City Royals (MLB), Sporting Kansas City (MLS), and the Kansas City Mavericks (ECHL). These teams enjoy dedicated fan support.

What Role Does Education Play In Kansas City's Appeal?

Kansas City offers a high-quality education system, with a range of K-12 schools and higher education institutions, including the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). The city's commitment to education contributes to its appeal.

How Does Kansas City Contribute To American Culture?

Kansas City has made significant cultural contributions through its jazz heritage, art institutions, and thriving arts community. Its influence on American music and the arts extends both nationally and internationally.

Why Is Midwestern Hospitality Famous In Kansas City?

Kansas City is known for its friendly and welcoming residents, epitomizing genuine Midwestern hospitality. People often engage in friendly conversations with strangers and extend acts of kindness, fostering a warm and inclusive atmosphere.


So, there are many reasons why Kansas City is the best place to live. Kansas City's allure as the best place to live is undeniable. From its thriving job market and affordable cost of living to its rich cultural scene, culinary delights, and a strong sense of community, the city offers a high quality of life that appeals to a diverse range of people.
With a solid commitment to education, abundant parks and recreational opportunities, and a welcoming atmosphere characterized by Midwestern hospitality, Kansas City stands out as a truly exceptional place to call home. Its central location in the heart of America further solidifies its position as a city that offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences for its residents.
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